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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    My friend was diagnosed with Alz last year at the age of 61. Even long before then I had had conversations with her regarding what she ate. Basically she has survived on crisps, coke and prawn mayonnaise for well over a year - with no weight loss. It is impossible to get her to eat anything...
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    Unwilling Attorneys - what now?

    Lilac Blossom, I live in Scotland as well and have just gone through the whole process of POAs for a friend. There are 2 types of POA - one is health and welfare, one is financial. Both can be the same person or persons, either joint or severally, or they can be different persons or person. My...
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    What can I /shouldI I do ??????????

    Surely, if the wireless is slow and it is much faster if connected by ethernet cable to the router, that does point to a problem with the wireless connection (which may be the wireless aerial)??
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    This may not help the big problem but could you buy her low alcohol wine? Taste and look are the same but at around 4% alcohol as opposed to 10-12%?
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    LPAs, solicitors and forum advice

    In Scotland we do need a solicitor to draw up the documents because here it it very much a free format type document.
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    Pain killers that don’t cause confusion or dopeyness/loss of balance?

    Perhaps giving her the amitriptyline at night might help. A friend takes that at night along with 2 co-codamol to help pain. But the co-codamol might be too strong alongside. But it would certainly help her sleep.
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    Computer Help

    The easiest way to find out if Word (or Works or anything else you fancy) is installed on a Win 10 PC is just to hit the leftmost icon (the one you use to get the power off button) on the bottom bar and type the word in ie Works. It will come up right away with the program if it is installed...
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    What can I /shouldI I do ??????????

    Windows 10 is very easy to use. You should still have a desktop screen with all the icons on it that you normally use and the little bar at the bottom so you can access the most commonly used ones like google chrome or internet explorer. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make a list of what you...
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    Finding out GP details

    You could have a chat with her about the flu jab - has she had it and where etc. That may elicit the surgery. You could then phone them up and say you want to write a letter to her doctor with your concerns, and they then may be able to tell you who to address it to. I wrote a letter to my...
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    When to invoke Poa?

    Judging by the replies, I don't think I have made myself clear. I am not talking about Finance POA. I am talking about health and welfare. I do not want to get into a discussion of the whys and wherefores it is this way. Simply to say that in Scotland we do things differently and it is this way...
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    When to invoke Poa?

    Poa has to be invoked by certification from a doctor. That's the way this particular document has been done for the circumstances. My question was, at what point have you done this? How far along the road of decreasing abilities have you said, now is the time? Or has there been a particular...
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    When to invoke Poa?

    Currently in the process of setting up Poas. When do you decide that it should be invoked? Has there been a particular incident or time when you have thought that this is it, and done the necessary steps to invoke it? I am just wondering how bad my friend needs to get before it is invoked.
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    Dementia and Divorce

    You may be, but it will not make a difference. I am surprised your lawyer has not advised you against making a divorce provision that is so one sided and detrimental to yourself. Are you sure you should be so generous when it will have such an impact on you? I think a straight 50:50 would be...
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    Moving to extra care housing, any tips or suggestions to make it easier.

    I would think one of the best things would be to minimise the disruption. So I would recommend getting a firm in to do the moving. They will have your whole house packed up and moved in a few hours rather than you spending the next few weeks packing and tripping over boxes (whih I think could be...
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    It beggars belief

    Don't know much about the benefit system but sounds as though you should apply for pips rather than esa. My friend with early onset az got the full pips benefit.
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    Mum has just been diagnosed

    You will need a lot of patience in the coming months/years, both with your mum and your dad. As a natural 'fixer upper' you want to steam in and sort everything. That's not an option with this disease. There will be as much change in your dads life as in your mums. As the disease progresses...
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    Am I right to be furious?

    I understand a bit how Emmy feels. Many Months after my mum died her second husband cleared the family home. It was the home us kids grew up in and where my dad died. He nEver told us, mums daughters about it. I found out by a chance remark made in the high street from someone else. A lot of...
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    Two years to get this bad

    I am trying to do my best for my friend who has early onset dementia. It took over two years for her to be diagnosed. Now it seems as she is losing abilities every day. She is now on aricept. Has been for the past few weeks. Already she is at the stage where she can wash and dress herself but...
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    Food fads

    I have tried Wiltshire foods - that fad lasted 3 weeks! She has never bought fruit in her life nor eaten it. Same with veg. She says now that she does not like beef, chicken, fish, lamb,pork, sausages, bacon etc etc. She says everything tastes bland but will not use mustard, sauces or eat curry...
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    Food fads

    My friend has early onset dementia. She has never eaten well and healthily all her life. Since she has been on this road it is getting more and more difficult to get her to eat proper food. She seems to exist on crisps and coke. All attempts for real food have failed. She keeps saying things...