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    Hi! We are relatively young to even be talking bout dementia. But soo sad cos my husband has been diagnosed wiv this awful illness. I am heartbroken! His memory is still relatively gud but his behaviour is really bad. During the day it's easier but I need to keep alert all night cos he wants...
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    Behaviour Causing Concern

    I'm very sorry and feeling your isolation! Im in similar position with my husband, only different symptoms. Please don't be discouraged. I am going to gp this week to talk over my concerns about my husband. Maybe you could do same? Please take care!
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    Concerned about my husband

    Thanks for taking time to respond Kevin. Yes, many many times! It is not solely a case of him being disinterested and detached, his social behaviour is completely at variance to his normal. Even his table manners!!! I have talked it over with him again and we have agreed to go and chat with his...
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    Concerned about my husband

    I shall do just that! I am sure there's something going on with him because he is completely different to the person he has been these many past years. Thans so much for your response, it is much appreciated!
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    Concerned about my husband

    Thank for your mssge Mary Yes. You are describing my husband. He is not sad so I'm not thinking he may be depressed. He has high blood pressure and takes medication for it. I am wondering how you have coped all these years living with such a stressful situation. I am going to chat with GP...
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    Concerned about my husband

    For some time now I have been concerned by my husbands behaviour. His memory seems ok but he is very apathetic, disinterested and socially seems very inept. This is new behaviour for him but is causing me distress. I have recently browsed the web and learned about behaviour variant FLD. Can...