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    Appointee - opening an account in my mum's name?

    Hi Cilla, I think you have to apply for POA to deal with finances. I'm just in the process with my mum through the Solicitor which is more expensive but I have to get Deputyship for my dad which is why I went this route. Go on to the site and complete the application on there for...
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    Introduction as not been on here for a while.

    Hi, Haven't been on here a while so thought I'd better do another introduction. My dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia in early October 15 and mum is the carer. In 12 months nothing has been organised despite advising and guiding mum. She won't have anyone in to help saying she can...
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    Dementia diagnosis and where to go from here.

    My father who is 85 was diagnosed yesterday which we were half expecting due to some erratic behaviour and mood swings. It has been a tough journey just to get him to appointments for tests but at least we have arrived at the diagnosis point. He is very stubborn and we couldn't even get him to...