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    Deputyship Via The Court of Protection

    I have Deputyship for my Mum via COP. I agree with everything that Canary has said.....and I have just sold Mum's house too and agree with the sentiments that that has home since Mum and dad married so lots of family history there. I have found no issues whatsoever in...
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    sudden immobility

    Hi Shabba thank you for your reply.....I had thought it may possibly be something like this. Saddens me so much, but at least Mum is happy in herself! Best wishes to you and your Mum x
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    sudden immobility

    Mum was diagnosed around 8 years ago, been in Residential care for just over 2 years. For the past 6 months has noticeably started to "shuffle" around but independantly, and could walk around the garden unaided when I visit. Suddenly on Tuesday she has stopped - the staff states she can't...
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    Finding an IFA

    Hello Not posted on here for a while now, things have been going OK, I still come on and read a lot, and learn alot. Mum's house is now up for sale. I now need to get an independant financial adviser to advise me how to best invest her money for her, once it is sold. Can anybody please...
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    1st annual report COP...

    Thank you all for your comments.......I really thought I had lost the plot with this. So I left it at around 1am, got up at 7 and started totally fresh with it, from scratch and have got it all balanced out to the penny!!! Tra-laaaaaa!!!! :D Totally exasperated tho! xx
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    What happens if there is no attorney?

    We were in a similar situation with Mum......into hospital never to go home with nothing set up. The Consultant said that she had sufficient capacity to understand POA.....and was happy to witness. However Mum saw it as suspicious and refused to sign on the day - despite both the Solicitor...
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    1st annual report COP...

    .......and it is driving me mad!! I have added up everything meticulously and I still can't get the damn thing to balance. All my information is from Mum's bank statements, and all corresponds entirely with receipts etc......but I keep not balancing, I have done it a hundred different...
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    Changing Care Homes

    Hello I wonder if anybody who has ever moved their relative into another care home can kindly share their experiences? We have done lots of deliberating about this decision but have decided that we don't believe the current home is properly meeting Mums needs as well as there being several...
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    Urgent Help, Care Home Place, Deputyship, House Sale!

    It is such a difficult time, we moved mum into care from being admitted to a MH hospital for assessment. whilst there she had agreed to POA then refused on the day, so I also had to apply for deputyship whilst she was moving into a home. Firstly, the application is fairly straightforward and...
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    Any experience of Anti-Depresants for later stage Alzheimers?

    You have my thoughts and hugs. Tonight I have been to see Mum......she is wearing 4 skirts. I have once again (just finished long stretch at work) repeated the conversation regarding dignity that I had last Wednesday with the Manager. It breaks my heart. I will go earlier tomorrow if I...
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    Mum just cant be bothered

    this is really worrying me at the moment too. Mum has been in her RH for a year now, at first was OK with it in that she thought it was a hotel, would like to "go down for dinner" or breakfast or whatever, and wander around chatting to people. Gradually she has become more and more...
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    How easy is it to fill in a COP form please

    Hello I completed the COP form(s) for my Mum alone, got some advice from this site (use the search and you will find several threads that may help you) and also the Attendance Allowance form, which I knew nothing about but the DWP advised me about, again advice from here. The forms are...
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    phone line still connected

    Hello I recently did the same for Mums house - wish I'd have thought of it earlier actually however, I rang them to explain that Mum was in a CH, as they could see there was no usage on the line and it wasn't right to keep paying. They gave me a couple of options but I said that I wanted to...
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    So cruel

    I have nothing to add other than the utter depth of my sadness for all of our relatives who are in this position, I understand only too well how difficult it is watching them change literally by the day. Reading this thread makes me so unhappy......and has even made me wonder if I am in some...
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    The little things mean a lot

    what a lovely thread....... thank you! here are a couple of mine 1. Referring to your toast and jam, my number 1 is actually the crust of a fresh loaf with butter and jam....don't care if I don't eat another slice of the loaf!! 2. the beautiful autumnal colours - Mum would collect and...
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    Attendance allowance

    ah, thank you both so much, that explains the date that they have started it from! Thank you x
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    Attendance allowance

    Delighted to say that I got a letter this morning to say Mum has been granted Attendance Allowance at the higher rate, with effect from 26.09.2014 Really pleased with this as it will help Mum's funds last a little longer towards her care......but I was of the opinion that it was backdated to...
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    More fees from COP - who pays?

    Thanks William, In the previous communications they have clearly stated that the deputy can retrieve the expense, but there is no comment in these letters today so I wanted to be absolutely sure thanks again
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    More fees from COP - who pays?

    Hello Recently appointed deputy for Mum, I have paid out £1000 - £400 court fees and £600 security bond. I understand both of these I can refund myself now that I have the deputyship. But in the post this morning is a further letter from the COP requesting the following payments: 1...