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    Another world

    It is just part of the illness. My husband has a whole series of stories which he believes to be true. Most people will quickly realise its the dementia talking and just nod and move on. It can be very difficult in the beginning but you learn to accept.
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    When will I learn?

    I was so pleased to read this as it expresses my experience exactly. I had been feeling inadequate as I thought others were handling this loss of conversation better than me as I am fairly quiet by nature. Thank goodness for the radio, books, crosswords and soduko. Hope a side product of this...
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    At my wits end

    I really feel for you and am so sorry I can't help, mainly because I have the same problem only with my other half its going on and on about wanting to go home. I also put him in the car and take him off in the hope that by the time we get back he thinks he is at home. Sometimes it works but...
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    The things they say do your head in

    strange the similarities Yes isn't it odd that the illness makes them say the same things. My OH says: Are we going home now or I think I will go home, even though we are at home. I dread this one as he sometimes gets upset/agitated when I explain we are at home. Where are the others? So...
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    Dad has lost patience with mum - what do i do?

    Your post really resonated as I have just spent the last two hours answering the same question from my OH who has AD. I didn't handle it well even though I know in theory how you are supposed to deal with the persistent, irrational concerns of someone with dementia. I lost my cool and the awful...
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    Knee high Moisturising Socks

    My OH has terrible problems with dry skin on his legs due to heart failure and poor circulation. He was prescribed Zipzocs which might be rather more than your Mum needs. As his legs are improving slightly I am now using plenty of his doublecase gel and then covering his legs with comfifast...
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    Joint bank accounts and care home contribution

    I should have guessed it wouldn't be that simple. Although my OH is quite ill I am not considering a care home in the short term but want to get things in place if possible. Our savings are not equal but that is because my husband retired 20 years before me and my tax free lump sum from my...
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    Joint bank accounts and care home contribution

    Thanks for the clarification Thanks. I will make sure the savings in his name are lower than 14k and set up my own bank account. Just so everything is simple if/when the time comes.
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    Joint bank accounts and care home contribution

    I know this is something that comes up regularly but I can't find a recent response. My OH has severe AD along with advanced heart failure and kidney disease. I have LPOA but want to make sure I am not caught out financially. If in the near future he has to go into a home and an assessment made...
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    does anyone one feel isolated ?

    How true Each day I feel more and more alone. I care for my OH with no outside help, although the advice from others on TP has been invaluable. I am healthy and thought I was a strong woman but this shrinking world is really getting through to me. Its not helped by my OH starting to be awake...
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    Dementia diagnosis process ... and resistance to accept help

    Just to say my OH did not have a scan and was diagnosed with AD by the memory clinic. As has already been said I think the scan is not really required as they diagnose on behaviour and symptoms. I do understand your frustration about not having a medical person to look at things in the round...
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    Mum won't go to Memory Clinic

    I found that the more my husband's symptoms became obvious the more determined he was not to go to the memory clinic. He had attended quite willingly four years ago when he was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. In February he became very agitated and confused. In one of his sessions he...
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    just so fed up and tired

    Your post is wonderful, expressing all the pain and frustration that overwhelms many of us caring for a person with dementia. Although there is no practical advice I can offer to make your situation better I hope you feel some comfort knowing there are many out there who feel and understand...
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    I got it wrong today

    Yes I got it wrong because it was presented as someone coming in and sitting with OH. Even though I had been advised by some of you on TP to present it as help for me! OH actually said to me afterwards "why was all the focus on me?" The sitter service didn't seem to have much advice to offer...
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    I got it wrong today

    Tin your arrangements sound ideal you are very fortunate to have found these people. Not easy though.
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    I got it wrong today

    My OH has AD, probably stage 5/6. He is very dependent on me, needing me to be around 24/7. We do not have a circle of close friends and our daughters don't live near by so I am very restricted. I worry about how I can get to the dentist or doctors. Have had to arrange for the hairdresser to...
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    My mom has mixed Dementia

    It certainly sounds like stage 6. As Cat27 says I have found my OH seems to be somewhere between two stages, in his case 5 and 6
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    Joint bank accounts again

    Thanks Marionq that is just what I want to do with the bank accounts, use our joint account to manage the household budget, making transfers from the cash in my account as needed. It has been really useful to learn from the experience of everyone on TP.
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    Joint bank accounts again

    Thank you. I had the forms for POA and I am now starting the process of completion and registration. I have put it off but OH appears to be open to it at the moment. I will then sort out the bank accounts.
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    Joint bank accounts again

    I know this topic crops up regularly but I would appreciate some advice specific to our situation. My OH has moderate to severe AD. I deal with all financial issues and have for many years. Our savings are in separate names but we have a joint bank account. My pensions are worth twice as much as...