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    Bad Day

    Thanks for sharing . I was lucky that I managed to keep him at home with the help of hoists , wheelchairs and carers from the dementia team. I thank God for that. I cannot know what it feels like for you having Jan in a home. My heart goes out to you and to all those who have loved ones in...
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    Bad Day

    The sun came out and I went out into the garden, I looked at the bulbs that I planted when we moved in sept 1st 2006 and now that flowers are out ,I had planted them so my husband would enjoy watching them grow.but he died on 1st Dec . we were looking forward to the garden as it was the first we...
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    Her suffering has ended.

    I am so sorry to hear about your beloved wife. I have to keep telling myself that they are now free it is us that are left that find it hard . After my husband died in Dec 2006 Ifind it hard to keep going , but I try to make him proud of me by coping and getting up in the morning. I am shaw your...
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    what now?

    storm . its not easy. I know how u feel I lost my husband 1st Dec 2006 and u wonder what to do with yourself each day. it all seams to much bother going about the days wondering what next . The local (Nottingam)Alzheimers carers group offer suport to past carers as well as those who are still...
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    help update-what now from roann

    help update-what now from roann to Grannie g . My husband never went into a home and never would have . he had to go into hospital because he had phmonia and could not swallowing is tablets that stoped him having fits. sorry but wanted to set the record right.
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    help update-what now from roann

    thanks for your support in the past . my husband died last night , feel num , unreal, just got home , i stayed at the hospital for 7 days. glad i did .we had time to be together without me having to do shoping,cleaning cooking and all his care, we just held hands , looked into each others eyes...
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    update to help wanted by roann

    was not a chest infection but pnmonia and a urinal infection got just 48hours try and get undercontrol by antibiotics and keep his temp down or they want to send him to hospital . He does not want to go. hates hospitals always as. even had it written in his notes. what do i do . he is as you...
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    Anti-Depressants for Carers?

    depressants for carers grannieG you helped me yesterday with your message. sorry you are feeling down today. I know how hard it is somedays to keep trying to get motivated to meet their needs let alone make them feel better. my feller cannot move without a hoist or feed himself and some days...
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    thanks jenniferpa for the big hug , it made me feel better. thanks also margarita and grannieg for your messagers and kind thoughts. life goes on and everyday is a bonus. take care, God bless
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    we are at stage 6 mayby 7. worried he may have moved one more stage since we moved 10 weeks ago. got a bungolow from the council after a long wait so i can keep him at home. i hope this is only another chest infection he gets a lot of asperation phmonia.would like some more time. God willing ...
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    we are at stage 6/7 .could do with a hug. worried he may have moved one more stage on .hope its only a chest infection . and we get some more time ,god willing. bit lonaly at presant. love him to bits. do not do restbite. he as lewy bodies. eperlepy . any ideas!!!
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    Im feeling gulty

    hI Amy Yes I have tried even the one way straws but because swallowing problems I have to put thickener in all his drinks. He gets a lot of asperation problems on his chest, so drinking is getting harder for him. Thanks for being there for us.
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    Im feeling gulty

    hi I feel gulty a lot of the time if I get out for 2 hours and he stays in with a sitter. I still feel he sould be with me. I have a problem you may be able to help with. He as lewy body dementia and find that the stiffness and regidity makes it hard now to get him to feed himself at all. the...
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    housing problems

    have you any idea's to help put presure on council to help get us a 2 bed bungalow. we live in a 1 bed 1st floor flat with no room for wheelchair,electric bed ,hydro tilt chair 2 hoists (Celing) very small bathroom , a kitchen he cannot get into. and keeps shouting the moment I go out of site...