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    Hi I wrote about three years ago saying my Mum was in hospital full time....She died three years ago and after a major family fall out the week before. Tensions ran high and my father and brother took it out on me, my hubby went crazy at them for this and it turned very nasty. I wasn't there...
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    Hi Jan jan Your not the only person that cry's when they visit a love one for I do as well, I think I use more tissues than my mum and she's the one thats in hospital. Its better to let your emotions out than keeping them in. Your not alone remember that so we can cry together Lynn
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    Crying when I think of Mum

    This will seem stupid to you all but my Mum is now in hospital full time, and every time I think about her I just burst out in tears, she's can't speak properly now and I think she knows me, but it kills me to see her like that or think about her like that. I know she'd hate to see her self like...