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    Thank you so much for answering Pete I'm guessing that it is not enough to verbally make "our" wishes known and we should get it in writing for official places? I was just a bit taken aback when she mentioned it - first time I had been asked...
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    Went to visit a day centre today and I was asked if we have a dnr order. Is this something I should be contemplating? Should we do it as part of a living will? Is it necessary when my brothers and I have POA?
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    Help refusing food and drink says she can't breathe

    She would not sit down - the doctor has just been out and has given her a drug to help her breathe, relax and sleep and she has just got to sleep...thanks for replying it has been an awful day
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    Help refusing food and drink says she can't breathe

    I think that it is definately panic She is also swilling her saliva around her mouth Hissing air through her teeth like she is trying to free food and burping a lot
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    Help refusing food and drink says she can't breathe

    Please can anyone help Mum has just got back from a holiday The shock of travelling and all the changes have made her extreme distressed She says she cannot breathe - but she seems to be breathing ok She says she cannot swallow - but saliva is getting down She thinks she's going to die and...
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    Memory clinic

    Hello My mum hated these appointments too - it took us many years to get her diagnosed in the first place because she refused to do more tests... I hated it too because the doctor would ask me, in front of Mum, about how I thought she was and it was such a heartbreaking betrayal to tell him the...
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    Confusion about money in shops

    Just following this thread about money in shops. Our local town has been amazing, the majority of shops have all signed up to become dementia friendly, with a huge push on the streets for people to become dementia friends too ( even my 5 year old and 7 year old kids became dementia friends when...
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    Mam not yet diagnosed

    Hi With Dementia folk can often think a coat hanging up is a person, a reflection in a mirror is a foe, cushions therefore could easily be a child to watch over and What also happens is people return to their roles/pursuits in earlier life so your mum, quite naturally could be returning to a...
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    Pets and dementia

    As Izzy mentioned, there is some really interesting work going on with dogs and dementia started with the Glasgow School of Art. See their Dementia Dogs website...
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    Singing for the brain

    Sorry got carried away by my own good fortune and Realise I have been no help to you whatsoever!! It would be great if you set up a local group...
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    Singing for the brain

    Wow thank you so much for mentioning this idea - I did not know it existed and have just seen that there is one near us. Mum might love this and my five year old daughter...
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    Small study reignites hope for Alzheimer's treatment

    Fascinating stuff Owly thanks - Urine infections really do seem to make the dementia conditions worsen...
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    All out of ideas

    Dear RosiePop - I can't stop thinking about your Friend, so sad Clutching at straws too... Could you talk to family members and find out if there is a special connection for her to that song or Christmas?
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    Small study reignites hope for Alzheimer's treatment

    Yes, and what about ultrasound "break through" in Australia - a drug free approach using ultrasound to try and clear brain plaques. 75% positive with mice and hoping to test on humans in 2017...
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    Food addictions - resist or give in?

    All sounds very healthy! From what you described half the problem is you laying your hands on the special items that she wants and delivering it - could book a weekly supermarket delivery of Cheerios, lettuce and white fish?!
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    I am deluded - to want dad home

    Dear Flossielime From what I have seen on this site and elsewhere, hospitals are not dementia friendly environments and can make people's conditions much worse. If your Dad has never been in a hospital until now, and has been moved around from ward to ward, Lord knows how he is feeling and I...
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    Seeing people who aren't there!

    Kevinl mentioned covering mirrors - could be reflections in windows too?
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    My mum is in denial

    Yes, Sinkhole, I think that this is a very interesting and complex discussion too and invention and imagination are probably going to be our best tools. My Dad and I have never been able to answer this question - how much does she really understand about her situation? And as many of you have...
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    My mum is in denial

    I agree with you Witzend. At first, because my mum was young/65 when it started, I felt it was her right know what was going on and I thought it might help her to tell people what she had since she was hiding away from social situations and feeling stupid and judged all the time. But, it became...
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    Personal hygiene and changing clothes. Any ideas please?

    Hello Smudge Dog Would your Mum let someone else help her wash - maybe she finds it hard to let her husband do that? Or, a dementia counsellor once told me a trick where you give the person an unavoidable cue like "that's the shower running now - ready to get in?" I try and give mum a bath or...