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    RIP dad.❤️

    Thank you, Izzy. X
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    RIP dad.❤️

    Thank you, and for all the support you've given. X
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    RIP dad.❤️

    Thank you, stanleypj. I guess someone 'up there' was looking out for me, as I was held up in traffic going to see dad as usual at his dinner time and arrived half an hour after it happened. The nurses said it was quick. I'll hold on to that. X
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    RIP dad.❤️

    Thank you, Lemonjuice. I am grateful dad is at peace. From my time here searching for answers and support I have empathised with your situation on a personal level. I ran out of words really to describe the pain of my dad's seemingly endless 'distress' (again that's not the right word) and my...
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    RIP dad.❤️

    I've not posted for a while. It's been a tough 6months or so for dad. He suffered with chest infections and rapidly became very frail. He still knew what was going on periodically. I'd like to say he passed in his sleep, but he didn't. He was being 'fed at risk' because his swallowing was so...
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    Getting help for my dad

    I have no idea if this will help, but we had an Alzheimers Scotland Carer for dad (20hrs a week)which we paid for privately- I don't know if the same service is where u live, through the Alzheimer's society. They were lovely. Took dad to church, bookies(!)..wherever really. Or just sat in him...
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    The Future

    I also couldn't not reply, although I can't fully understand your fear(it's not me whose facing it) I empathise immensely. Life can be such a lottery. I was listening to a thing on the radio the other day, people with another illness diagnosed in the 1980's..they'd been told not to bother with...
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    Mum is free at last!

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Murper. Your mum is no longer suffering, but that does not ease the pain of her loss, I know. My dad is slowly nearing the end, I will be distraught when the time comes, but I will have a piece of my heart that knows he's with my mum and free from this. So sorry for...
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    when those little moments knock you for six...

    I cried in my garden yesterday, remembering mum had bought the rose bush I was tending. She died 3years ago this march. In all honesty, I think about her daily- mostly happy memories. Every time I see dad in the care home, her picture looks down at me.❤️I hope your birthday made some new happy...
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    Canarys mum has been set free

    So sorry for your loss, Canary. Wishing you strength in the days ahead, you have always given others so much support. Sincere condolences. Xxx Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    just had row with dad - feel very mis

    Feel sad for you. [emoji17]Please try social services again- sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees when we're right in the middle of it all. There's no easy answers with this, I'm afraid. We can only do our best. So difficult. X Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    The Journey has ended

    So sorry for your loss. Wishing you strength in the days ahead. X Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    just had row with dad - feel very mis

    I remember when my dad was still at home, we had 24hr Carers and daily family visits...huge bills, as you say, enormous stress and sadly the arrangement still didn't work out. Dad resented the carers living with him. He was so confused and disorientated he would try to go out at 3am etc...
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    Personal Experience

    As others have said, I'm so sorry for your experiences, and for your late mum's experiences. It does seem that 'dementia' is so complicated to deal with- the legal and financial issues alone are a minefield, which seem to appear when everyone is already under enormous pressure dealing with a...
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    Living with end of life

    I too, thank you for sharing that, Lady A. Part of my mind sees dad dashing around, always walking at 100miles an hour(!),always busy..and the other part sees my poor dad as he is now. I also see my mum in her hospital bed in the living room, but that's not how I remember her now. I remember her...
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    Living with end of life

    I totally agree with all of you. The grief of watching the suffering is awful. I find it so hard to accept that my dad is so distressed every day. And I feel bad that I'm feeling sorry for myself, when he's the one enduring it. Love to all. X Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Living with end of life

    Very humbled you wrote to me today, Toddleo. Thank you, so much. I do know from experience of losing my own mum that when someone has suffered, you are able to think of times when life was kinder. I'm so glad you are reflecting on your mum today, of all days, in this way. Thank you again ❤️️X...
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    Living with end of life

    Thank you all. You are all so lovely. Gave me a lot of comfort today, when I really was feeling very hopeless yesterday. It's a really awful, demoralising feeling that you can't help someone you love. Or worse, that you can help them maybe, but haven't worked out how to. Dad will keep fighting...
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    Living with end of life

    Just a thought.. Today, I was with dad and I had a moment of clarity. He's on his 2nd lot of antibiotics in the last 2weeks for his chest-never ending chest infections. He eats, drinks (puréed/thickened), coughs and chokes. It's heartbreaking. I keep waiting for the phone to ring, thinking he...
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    Could Mum be nearing the end???..

    You are exhausted, and no wonder. The emotional stress becomes a very physical thing. So sorry you're right in the eye of the storm just now. It's dreadful having to deal with your mums illness and coming to terms with her moving into a nursing home. Your mum sounds very poorly. You're doing...