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    Change of medication from Risperidone to Olanzapine

    Hi Mum has severe dementia (Alz/VD) and has moved in the past few months into a nursing home round the corner from where I live. She has been in an assessment unit for 8 months due to decline in dementia and challenging behaviour. She has been taking Risperidone for about 11 months now but a...
  2. J

    Waves of emotion

    Thank you for your reply. I will let you know if I find anything that helps. Rollercoaster is deffo the right word. We all know life goes on.....and it does.........but it`s difficult. Take care xxx
  3. J

    My dear mum passed away yesterday

    My heart goes out to you. xxx
  4. J

    Waves of emotion

    Mum has had mixed dementia for 3 years and I have cared for her. She has lived in her own home until 12 weeks ago where she was sectioned due to behavioural problems. She is still there and here dementia has got worse. She has had 2 falls since being there one causing her to be in hospital 5...
  5. J

    Hurtful Words

    My mum was sectioned 2 weeks ago for assessment in a Mental Health Unit due to her behavioural problems. What a horrible experience that was. Unfortunately she hates it when I`m not there and spends most of the day in the unit shouting for me and calling me from a pig to a dog!!. I work full...
  6. J

    Blue Badge for dementia?

    HI I have just received my mums blue badge in the post today. I filled the form in and told truthfully the fact that when parking the car I could not leave mum in the car on her own as she may wander. I could not leave her to stand at the car as she may wander and therefore safety was an...
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    Bizarre Behaviour

    Had problems with mums bizarre behaviour recently. She lives at home alone still although is moderate to severe dementia, with 4 carers a day and me visiting 3-4 times a day (as well as working full time). She had a heart attack a couple of months ago and now has moderate to severe heart...
  8. J

    lorazepam v aggression and agitation

    Struggling with having to give mum low dose lorazepam to calm aggression and agitation. Started this week. OK calmer......but seems drugged.........don't like realistic head says its helping mum.....she had heart attack 8 weeks ago the severe aggression and agitation since is...
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    My mum hates flies

    Thanks Hi Thanks for your response. Just started mum on a low dose of medication in the last couple of days to try and reduce the agitation and anxiety. Bit of trial and error at the minute but hopefully it will help her. x
  10. J

    My mum hates flies

    My mum has an obsession with flies at the minute. If one comes into the house, goes on the window, or crawls on the floor..........she is on a mission they have to go! She gets aggressive and agitated, it`s as though she thinks they are after her!! It`s quite funny to watch, but sad to...
  11. J


    Hi we all worry sometimes bless. My mum has mixed dementia and has been on mementine for 2 years with no obvious side effects.. in the beginning I'm sure it helped...not so sure now but my thought is that you've nothing to lose and anything is worth a try.....take care
  12. J

    Going to bed early

    My mum has days when she goes to bed 2 or 3 times during the day and then is convinced its another day when she gets up at which point she makes herself 5 slices of toast and jam each time......keeping warburtons in business at the minute.
  13. J

    Eating cakes etc instead of proper meals

    Sugar and spice and all things nice Hi My mum was exactly the same. I went over to her house one day and she had eaten 6 kitkat, 3 choc ices, 1 full swiss roll and 4 chocolate rolls....( I knew the amount because I had only bought them the day before). bless- her answer was..... I haven`t...
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    The funny side of dementia

    Double Identity If you don`t laugh sometimes you will cry! My mum has mixed dementia and with the help of carers and me she still lives at home on her own. I recently went away for a few days and arranged that my son would go over each day to keep a normal routine for mum. Well...