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    Mum doesnt recognise me, or believe I'm her daughter

    This is so hard but sadly not uncommon - my Mum once thumped me for being in her bathroom when she didn't recognise me. My Mum no longer knows me as her daughter - she sees herself as being in her late teens I think so she can't possibly have a 50+ daughter. The saddest part for me is no longer...
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    Carehome stalling discharge from hospital.

    Last year my Mum was hospitalised due to her aggressive behaviour and her care home refused to take her back - but this has turned out to be for the good. They really couldn't cope with her behaviour and once the hospital had sorted out medication it was decided that she needed a nursing home...
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    Christmas present ideas?

    I have made my mum a twiddle muff - she had one in hospital which never made it to the nursing home - and will also get her some clothes but at her birthday I realised she didn't really know what to do with a present.
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    Attendance allowance - applying for higher rate

    Thanks everyone - I'll be ringing for the forms this week - and the nurse at Mum's nursing home as said they will be able to provide details of nighttime requirements. Fingers crossed as every little helps!
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    Attendance allowance - applying for higher rate

    Mum has received attendance allowance at the lower rate since her diagnosis with dementia in 2016. She is now in a nursing home (self-funding having failed to receive CHC funding) - she has to be washed and dressed each day, is no long mobile and needs to be moved with a wheel chair and her...
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    Clearing Stuff Out Of The House

    I am currently clearing Mum's bungalow for sale and it has taken quite a time despite her moving from the family home four year's ago. Last year the sudden death of my sister-in law who lived in rented accommodation meant we needed to do a speedy clear out of her apartment. We did it in about a...
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    Caring from a distance

    It is hard - although Mum is now in a nursing home for 18 months after diagnosis she lived in her own home 3-4 hours away from me - I was visiting fortnightly to do shopping, find the remote etc. I am not sure what the financial situation is but it sounds as though your mother might benefit from...
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    My mum won't eat

    My Mum lost a lot of weight when she was in hospital earlier this year - only really eating when I fed her - I was worried that she might be forgetting how to eat but now she is settled in a new nursing home she is eating with gusto and feeding herself. The home goes for little and often with...
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    CHC report inaccuracies

    So I have made a written request for the inaccuracies in the report to be rectified - and will await developments.
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    CHC report inaccuracies

    Thanks everyone - I am about to gird my loins to put some thoughts on paper this week. Part of my work includes information governance compliance so I am committed to the idea that everyone - including our loved ones - deserves to be accurately recorded in the record.
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    CHC report inaccuracies

    Not posted for awhile but Mum has settled reasonably well into the new nursing home and the staff are much better at coping with with her - her physical condition has improved greatly since leaving hospital most importantly she is feeding herself and eating well. The CHC assessment was...
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    CHC initial assessment

    Thanks @Champers - at the moment I have been told that I will be able to see the results but we are still waiting for a decision from the initial assessment. As I work in archives and information compliance they'll get short shrift if they try the data protection line on me! I'll take a look at...
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    CHC initial assessment

    Thanks Quizbunny - I've now found the relevant clinical commissioning group. If we go to full assessment I shall definitely try to be there. The nursing home seem to be doing such a good job I doubt Mum will get the funding though her improved physical condition means she is more of a falls risk...
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    CHC initial assessment

    I'd be grateful for some advice here as I am feeling rather at sea despite reading lots of online information. After 7 weeks in hospital Mum has moved to a home with nursing care on a 28 day bed pending an assessment for CHC funding. I am pretty happy with the home so far - indeed Mum has made...
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    Nursing home dilemma

    A quick update - Mum has been in her new care home for two weeks now and has made great improvements - the care staff have her up, dressed and in the lounge every day. She is also now feeding herself - if with a rather eccentric use of cutlery! She is very underweight and the home are trying to...
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    I have to share this with you all

    Mum has recently moved to nursing home after 7 weeks in hospital - I was worried she might have become bed bound. I live 220 miles away and visit fortnightly and yesterday was delighted to find her in the lounge, nicely dressed and calm, she can weight bear enough to move from bed to wheelchair...
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    Help us bake a difference - what's your favourite flavour?

    I don't like chocolate very much but my Mum's coffee cake which she produced for each birthday until I was in my 20s and then whenever I went home was renowned amongst friends who had been lucky enough to taste it - moist and covered with coffee butter cream it was wonderful.
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    How my mother has changed!

    As @canary says you do kind of grow into it. I too found the early stages very hard when Mum retained so much of her 'real' character but was trying to live independently. It was very hard when I realised she could no longer cope with family events and losing her ability to communicate has been...
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    Nursing home dilemma

    Thanks @Jessbow - That's pretty much the line I've now taken. Very helpful discharge co-ordinator in the hospital has helped sort out the 28 day bed in nursing home of my choice - which is within our budget. Fingers crossed for a move this week - I should get final confirmation tomorrow.
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    Nursing home dilemma

    So after a severe episode of agitation and aggression Mum has been in hospital for the past four weeks. Risperidone has calmed her agitation but she is no longer very mobile and the time has come for a nursing home. I have identified a home I feel comfortable with but although it is registered...