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  1. cuppatea

    I’m struggling......

    @cosipar just read your thread. So sorry to read of your struggles which resonate so much with us all. Please ring the gp for yourself, and ask about carers support as others have said. This forum initially and then finding a carers support group helped me so much. Do keep posting and read this...
  2. cuppatea

    Really scarey day ...

    Oh @Olliebeak that sounds very frightening! Especially the locked door and your resourcefulness in opening it. The sudden recovery sounds very odd too. Write everything down, and hope nothing like that happens again. Good luck.
  3. cuppatea

    Zimmer vs Rollator

    Yes @Olliebeak I have come to the same conclusion. OH has poor balance and leans on the frame when he stands up so it will just move away from him and he will fall flat. I couldn't leave it in the Home with him as he stays in his room on his own, so it won't be much use. I also found it's not...
  4. cuppatea

    Zimmer vs Rollator

    Thanks @jugglingmum @canary and @brambles. After writing my post I was thinking it wouldn't be good to use it in the Home, so you have all confirmed what I thought. I'll just take it in for him to use when we are going out somewhere such as coming home, as then he will always have someone with...
  5. cuppatea

    Zimmer vs Rollator

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience of this. My OH with vascular dementia has been in a nursing home for two years. His balance is poor and he gets around by using a zimmer. He never leaves his room, just walks from bed to chair then back again. He's never understood the need to lift the back...
  6. cuppatea

    Hearing aids and dementia

    Thanks @jenniferjean. Glad you got better service. Just thankful to get it done tbh. I think the list is at least 18 months here and he did them both at the same time so I don't have to go through that again. Dementia is definitely gets second class service...
  7. cuppatea

    Hearing aids and dementia

    Thank you Rosettastone57 I value your opinion. Time for me to be strong again, this is never ending isn't it...
  8. cuppatea

    A Hug

    Hugs to all of you too. I brought my OH home from his care home for a few hours yesterday. I didn't do the full lunch, his appetite is poor anyway. I did Crispy Aromatic duck with pancakes, easy to eat. He didn't want Christmas pudding so I didn't bother either. He then slept on and off while I...
  9. cuppatea

    Hearing aids and dementia

    Hi there thanks for your replies. I wasn't clear. my oh has NHS aids, he just keeps saying he can't hear! Such a dilemma isn't it. He's had a recent test and got new NHS aids, I keep going back and forth to the hospital with them and he says they work, then he can't hear. At first he was very...
  10. cuppatea

    Hearing aids and dementia

    My OH with vascular dementia has had very poor hearing for years. He tried going privately for aids some time ago, but only got relatively cheap ones and ended up sending them back as he didn't like them. He's started asking about them again. He's now in a care home but I'm worried about them...
  11. cuppatea

    Christmas Greetings

    Marry Christmas to you all from me too. This forum and the wonderful people on here were great support in the early shocking months of dealing with this dreadful disease. I don't post so much these days but continue to spread the word where I can to assist others.
  12. cuppatea

    Loss of my husband

    Oh Casbow that's so poignant. You were so strong for him fighting every day to ease his life. Hope you can find some peace in your memories of happier times. A lesson for us all to cherish what we have xxxx
  13. cuppatea

    In-home carers not allowed to lift patient after fall?

    Morning, gosh what a worry for you. Those frequent falls are certainly very alarming. It seems to me that you've got nothing to lose by contacting one or two care agencies in your area and they will advise you what they can and cannot do, and if they need other equipment. You can then try one...
  14. cuppatea

    UTIs, seizures and hospital

    Yes thought I'd mentioned about the niight bag needing to be emptied during the night. So glad you've got the prophylactic antibiotics, I keep asking about them but have failed to get them. Have you managed to extend the respite to give you more time to decide? Hope so x
  15. cuppatea

    UTIs, seizures and hospital

    Oh I'm sorry to hear he has a UTI. My husband has them regularly, another one now. The G straps are good, they are different to the ones attached to the bag, I had to show the carers how they fit. Ask for them, continence nurse should set up a supply of everything for you. Xx
  16. cuppatea

    UTIs, seizures and hospital

    PS that wasn't the only reason BTW but it is very hard to deal with, I feel for you xxx
  17. cuppatea

    UTIs, seizures and hospital

    Hi there just popped in and this caught my eye. It's so bad that you had no explanation of how the catheter fits together. You need to keep asking till you get the continence nurse, they will advise on the right kit and the dn will help. My oh also passes most urine at night and has a permanent...
  18. cuppatea

    OH turns 80!

    Oh that's lovely Lawson! I remember comparing notes with you about OHs playing bridge. How wonderful that you kept such a big secret, and that it went so well. My OH was 80 earlier this year too. He is now in a nursing home and still thinks about bridge although he can no longer play. After a...
  19. cuppatea

    Other symptoms

    Oh I feel so sorry that this is your life after 50 years together. You must keep a day to day diary, be honest in it, it is valuable in getting a diagnosis. The brain scan would be useful. Is there anyone family or friends who can help get her there? Sympathy to you, this is do hard to bear.