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    How Does Love Turn Into Hate/Dislike So Fast

    I’m sorry I don’t have any answers to help you as I’m desperately struggling after an awful day but I feel so much for your situation and beg you not to hate yourself, we are not superhuman. I find it so hard sometimes to tell myself it’s the dementia causing my OHs behaviour, it’s so real and...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi Alice, thank you for your reply and I found your previous reply so very interesting. I’ve also found that keeping calm can keep my husband calm, I’m not always successful, usually I’m calm because I don’t have any energy left. I have learnt this week about the symptoms, couldn’t believe his...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi B, I haven’t posted for a while although I keep dipping in and get comfort from knowing you are all out there understanding and caring. I’m sorry it’s so hard for you B, you’ve had enough to contend with recovering from your operation. I hope the recovery has gone well and your pain is no...
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    First respite

    I am so very sorry, please accept my sincere condolences. X
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    go with the flow?

    Hi gladiola, I’m so sorry things are difficult for you. It reminded me that last year a GP told me to “go with the flow” after me telling her how worried and scared I had been when my husband had walked out after getting very angry and aggressive - there is a lot of countryside around us, it...
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    Happy New Year to all you wonderful Carers out there

    A Happy New Year to you too and sending you a hug back. Thank you x
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    I'm so ashamed.

    Just want to add my understanding and support for you, please don’t feel ashamed or hate yourself, it is such a hard, indescribable thing we have to put up with from our loved ones - I can go from love to hate for my husband, who I have loved for 47 years, in minutes, occasionally I feel as...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi B, I haven’t posted much lately but when I saw your latest post I couldn’t leave it. I’m so sorry things are so bad for you and wish so much that I was wise enough to have answers. I find it all as confusing as you. It is extremely hard to take, and understand, when they make absolutely...
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    Relief at last.

    Please accept my sincere condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss. Take good care x
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi B, not expecting a reply, just want you to know I’m thinking about you and hoping your recovery is going well. Xx S xx @AliceA loved the quote re dust and agree about nets but think I will have to pull my finger out and get the windows cleaned. Another one of those jobs I always left to my...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi @Francy, I just want to say hello and please believe there are many people on here that will understand how you feel, support you and hopefully make you feel you are not so alone. Maybe you have already done it but in the early days of knowing there was something wrong with my husband I went...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi B, it’s 6am and I hope you are sleeping soundly after being awake in the wee small hours. I want to say you are half way through and before you know it your husband will be back home with you but I know it won’t make any difference to how you feel right now. Glad you’re able to keep in touch...
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    Antidepressants - do you take them

    Hi, I’m probably not going to be much help but just had to acknowledge your post. I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time. My OH was finally diagnosed earlier this year with Alzheimer’s and Lewy Bodies was mentioned but not confirmed, not sure how they do that, maybe behaviour as we go...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi @Violetrose, great to hear from another Manc! it’s many years since I lived there (I married a soldier and moved every few years until settling the other side of the Pennines) but my heart will always be there. It certainly does help knowing others share virtually the same experiences and...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi B, so pleased that op has been done and that you are home. Wishing you all the very best in your recovery. I’m glad your husband seems settled and that you get to speak to him a few times a day. Must be hard being without him and hope the time passes quickly before you have him home with you...
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi Barbara, just want to say sleep tight tonight and sending love and hugs for tomorrow, take care and get well soon, Shirley xxx
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    'Cognitive Impairment' and onwards

    Hello @AbbyGee, welcome to TP, this such a good place when you want to unload, makes life a bit more bearable when you realise there are others going through the same or just understand what it is like for you. Some of what you say is so familiar to what it was like for me a couple of years ago...
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    Please don't throw me away, breaking my promise

    Hi @kindred, all I can say is thank you for being you, you make me smile even when I didn’t think I had a smile in me. I’m so pleased your lovely Keith is fine, what an awful worry for you. You mentioning the song Yesterday reminded me of a few years ago finding my old Walkman with a very old...
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    No light at the end of a dark tunnel

    Hi Barbara, I just had to send a reply. My heart breaks for you worrying about your husband. I know we have a moan about them, we have to let it out sometimes, but I do understand you being so very upset for him, of course you will be, our hearts break for our proud, strong men who never in a...
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    No light at the end of a dark tunnel

    Hi B, I find your posts really interesting and there is always something that makes me want to shout yes yes it’s just like that. You say your husband is obsessed with you and mine is the same - he was always loving (that isn’t to say we haven’t had our ups and downs) but now I can’t turn round...