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    Tired of running someone else's life

    Hi Wildlife Yes, I also have very similar feelings. My mother has just had her 94th birthday and physically is going strong. On my bad days I think she'll last forever and dread that she'll be with us for years and years, with cards from the Queen lining up on the mantelpiece. I really...
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    Live in Companion Required

    Hi Cointron My father was widowed about a year after he was diagnosed with Pick's disease at around the age of 72 (he died several years ago now). We had quite a good experience with Homeshare who will provide live in companionship in exchange for rent free accommodation. It worked quite...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Hello from a Bristol carer I look after my 94 year old mother, who suffers with vascular dementia. She lives with me and my husband, Alan. We both work full time, but because of Al's shift pattern (four days on, two days off) and my having Wednesday mornings at home she has quite a bit of...