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    Mom still insists she can do everything for herself

    Thank you for the advise, I will look into it, she was trying to get off the other side of the bed but was too weak to get there, so called for help, I am so confused and exhausted I can't even think any more
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    In need of a virtual hug

    Big Hug Hi I am new to this forum and really want to give you the hug you need. We all need a good hug once in a while. I have been taking care of my mom for 2 years now and she is getting pretty bad people keep telling me it is time to put her in a home but that decision is so very hard to...
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    Mom still insists she can do everything for herself

    My mom is 97 and had late state dementia and still insists she can do everything herself even though she really can't do anything for herself, she has fallen 3 times this week and is in denial. She keeps getting out of be and is falling luckily she has not been hurt, just a few bruises. I...
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    ?? Starting end of life??

    In same position I have been living with my mom for 2 years and have watched her slowly decline, now she seems to be declining rapidly, the doctor just recently too her off the memory drugs , he said they were no longer working which I agree with he said that things were going to advance...
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    I am a dutiful daughter.

    Feeling the same My mom is in late stage dementia and My husband and I have been living with her for 2 years, giving up our own lives and not living in our own home. I also never had a close relationship with mom and have many resentments towards her. It is so difficult, and keeping her home...
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    Falling issues

    Mom fell 2 times during the night didn't get hurt but it is just a matter of time. She is very weak but insists on not using the walker, what should my next step be.