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    Caring for Carers

    "Caring for carers" - some thoughts I have just found and read this paper and the post which follows it. Along with everyone else, I think it is a wonderful and potentially very useful document... If these ideas were incorporated into the care of our dear demented relatives, they could feel...
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    Ladies Slippers

    Sheepskin slippers Hi Deborah I checked out a factory shop near me today - they do sheepskin slippers by mail order and you could ring them for a catalogue. Most styles go up to size 8 and some much larger. Their no is 01458 837627 and they have an online shop at
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    Reassurance needed Reminyl

    Re drugs changes Hi Jenny I hope it goes well with your mum now she's stopped the "dizzy drug" (forgotten the name) We've found with mum that the doctors often have to experiment a bit - as each person does react differently, and it takes a few tries to find the right combination. I hope...
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    Ladies Slippers

    Slippers Yes, Deborah, I can vouch for Cosy Feet as well. Their factory outlet is near to me - so in the past I've been able to take mum there to try things on. Just one 'but': sheepskin is so lovely to wear against bare skin - and the slippers mum got from cosy feet were synthetic, nylonish...
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    Help! Am I panicking needlessly?

    not panicking so much now! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to post their thoughts. I've just read them through, noticing how each person has brought different really useful aspects. Hearing about the personal experiences of others' is so helpful. All I want is for mum to be OK...
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    Mum Doesn't like me??

    Hi Mandy, When I'm visiting my mum these days I take time to tell her that I love her. This isn't at all what I would have said in the past. But now mum is like 'the baby' and it feels OK to say "oooo I love you mum". Sometimes it makes her smile! Would it make things worse with your mum...
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    Help! Am I panicking needlessly?

    I've been looking online for some advice / help - maybe this is the place... My mother is already in residential care (with dementia, parkingsons etc.) she cannot feed herself any more, and is barely able to chat because she forgets her words so quickly. She spends most of her time alone in her...