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    I have been away, it's a long story.

    Hello to one and all again. I have been missing for quite a while, and I have missed you all. Things have not been good of late, a lot going on. We finally had to put Dad in law in residential care, as we could no longer care for him at home. My own Mum and Dad are both very ill, Mum...
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    Our universal needs

    When we took over caring for dad my sister quit her job, and I took demotion and went part-time as financially I could not afford to quit, but just reading posts here there are so many common denominations which have affected us all. I sometimes read posts here, and say to myself "Oh does this...
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    Moving Dad to Assisted Living - Family Strife As A Result

    Hello f252853(?!), My heart goes out to you, as I know how hard it must be for you to deal with all you have gone through in the past few months. When we first started talking about placing dad in care we also had an objector, How we managed him was to invite him to care for dad for a solid 48...
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    Losing weight

    Dad had been loseing weight rapidly and his GP prescribed ensure, which comes in different flavours, since we started giving these to dad, and by the way he loves them, the cherry flavour being his favourite, he hasnt put on any weight, but his weight had stayed the same for three months until...
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    My Dad

    Dear Sue, I know exactly where you are coming from, we placed dad in full time care only a few days ago. We contacted dads GP, and health nurse, and they suggested three different homes, and left the ultimate decision to us. Thank God we feel we made the correct choice, because when I went to...
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    Dad Goes Into Residential Care

    Well had a brilliant holiday, but came back to chaos. Dad went down-hill so fast while we were away and he was in respite. Dad is now totally doubly in-continent, and wears a nappy at all times, his speech is totally in-comprehensible, and his swallow has gotten very bad, resulting in him...
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    I Am So Angry!!!!!!

    Thank you to all for the replys and advice. Have checked all the facts and there are no Laundry facilities, It is not a long stay facility. Have things sorted though. My cousin is going to collect laundry twice a week, deposit it in the laundrette and collect and drop off at the same time...
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    I Am So Angry!!!!!!

    Everything here is means tested, and because dad owns his own home outright we are not entitled to any financial help as such. We are made to feel under a compliment by getting our few hours per week from the carer, and also our once a month day care. After Mam passed away it was suggested to...
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    grams wont sleep

    Thank you Bruce, I feel I have made such good friends since my first posting here. I should be labeling clothes and doing my packing at this stage, but for 3 hours I am dad free, and enjoying a little much needed time to myself.
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    grams wont sleep

    I Know I have been where you are at now, and please stop beating yourself up, YOU ARE NOT SELFISH. I am no longer young, more middle aged, and had a chance to live life before dad was diagnosed. Possibly as a new contributer I am not qualified to give advice, but I will anyway. We have been...
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    I Am So Angry!!!!!!

    Just phoned the respite center to make sure that everything is in place for dads drop off at 11am tomorrow, and to check exactly what we need to take in for him, only to be told that there are no laundry facilities there. Now all of us caring for dad have our holidays booked over the next...
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    New 2 this.

    Hi, My dad was diagnosed with AD 3 yrs ago, and is already late stage 6/early stage 7. My four siblings and I share care for him, some do days and others of us do nights. Mum cared for him on a daily basis til last July when she took Ill, and sadly passed away just after Christmas. Reading...