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  1. TrixieB

    Recording someone with dementia

    Hi there Before my mum and dad were formally diagnosed and they spoke harshly to me or others, I would pick them up on it, all to no avail. At that time I couldn't understand, why THEY couldn't understand what they were doing. Over time and with more knowledge of dementia I learned just to let...
  2. TrixieB

    Inaccurate rubbish

    I had the following posted on my fb page today - twice! Wildly inaccurate and deeply upsetting but I can't find the primary source. I've asked the 'posters' to delete it before it upsets anyone else. Dealing with dementia is difficult enough without having to read rubbish like this. 'Firstly...
  3. TrixieB

    Oh brother

    I thought I had written your post for a moment! Exactly the same situation here - my brother stole my parent's bank cards and helped himself to over £7000 before I caught him, but that was only after he conned his best friend, who was dying of cancer,out of half a million pounds. He is currently...
  4. TrixieB

    Missing dentures!

    My mum lost 3 sets - she would wrap them in a tissue and they would be thrown out. She now refuses to let the dentist fit her for another set so not much we can do.
  5. TrixieB

    M-in- Law a heavy smoker; home carers can't come to a smoky house.

    My MIL also forgot that she smoked after a spell in hospital with a broken hip and then moved into a care home. It's a really difficult one this, but there's only so much you can do to keep her safe. I'm sorry I can't suggest a solution for you.
  6. TrixieB


    I had to tell dad that he couldn't be insured any longer to prevent him driving after he had a couple of accidents, which fortunately didn't harm anyone. Very difficult as you're removing his independence, but if he is dangerous and won't listen to reason, he has to be stopped. If he killed...
  7. TrixieB

    How often do you visit the care home?

    I agree that you should only visit when you want to without feeling guilty. She is in a safe place and will be well looked after. You could also check with the staff how her mood is after you visit - is she upset that you've gone or is she quite happy? I often check with them to gauge if/ when a...
  8. TrixieB

    Yet another mother conundrum - advice and help needed

    Fizzle is so right and you definitely need to keep posting for advice. My mother is exactly the same and absolutely detests me at times, miscalling me to everyone and their uncle. The staff assure me that it's typical for AP's to act in this way and that they always spurn the ones who have done...
  9. TrixieB

    How can I stop my parents from driving?

    Disable car I had the same problem with dad and after a small accident told him that he was uninsurable now and took the car away. But a potato up the exhaust pipe is an easy way to disable the car without being caught under the bonnet! Good luck!
  10. TrixieB

    I can't take any more

    So sorry to hear that you are facing your mum's last hours. It's such a sad position to be in, but hopefully she finds peace very soon. I'm sure she knows her beloved daughter is with her at the end even although she can't show it. Thinking of you.
  11. TrixieB

    My Mum is still angry at me in the CH

    My mum was exactly the same - so angry all the time and absolutely detested me. I actually stopped visiting her for a few weeks as I couldn't cope with the verbal abuse she dealt out to me. She was also abusive to the staff and threw temper tantrums which would do credit to a 2 year old. Dad is...
  12. TrixieB

    Both parents diagnosed with Alzheimer's

    Same here Hi there. Both my parents are affected too - mum with Alzheimer's and dad with vascular dementia. Mum went to CH last year after several hospital admissions and basically stopped caring for herself. She denies any problems to this day and is desperate to go home. Dad remained at home...
  13. TrixieB

    Both parents affected

    Good advice Thanks everyone for your kind comments and advice. I think that I won't mention the house sale at all - as you say, why stir up more trouble! They both just had a review by Social Work and their CPN (who are both wonderful) and the saddest thing for me was that they felt that mum...
  14. TrixieB

    Hospital want to discharge

    Same problem I had the same thing with mum when the doctor wanted to discharge her the next day. Despite diagnosing her with Alzheimer's they believed her when she said she ran a house, cooked all the meals, did all the shopping etc - in her mind she did - in reality she lay on the settee all...
  15. TrixieB

    Both parents affected

    Hi there I've been reading the posts here for a while and am so reassured that others have similar problems. This horrific disease has robbed me of my mum and similarly, now dad, both in the same Care Home. It's been a long and tortuous journey getting them to safety, not helped by my brother...