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  1. Sharonk43

    Crisis Point after 9 days in a care home

    There is no point contradicting or questioning your dads view on things as this will just cause more confusion and upset for him. I hope a better and more secure CH can be found and as many have said they can not just turf him out. If he is self funding then you would be better sourcing a new...
  2. Sharonk43

    I have dementia and no-one to talk to.

    I find it very sad and frustrating that sone people who are living with Dementia have little support or anyone to talk to. My dad who passed away in March was very lucky to still have the support of myself and other family members. Having talking point is a blessing and i encourage anyone that...
  3. Sharonk43

    update on my dad from previous threads

    yes that photo was taken 3wks before my dad began to give up. my dad was 83 and looked so well eventhough he was living with dementia. thank you for reading my story.
  4. Sharonk43

    update on my dad from previous threads

    So as I mentioned I have been on here on the past when I needed to rant and rave about my dads care or family quarrels to do with my dad and how he should be cared for. My dad lived with Alzheimer's for 6yrs. Lucky for us he still knew who we were most of the time, sometimes he would revert back...
  5. Sharonk43

    update on my dad from previous threads

    hi everyone. I will be soing a thread over the next couple of days touching on the subject of losing my dad to dementia after using this site as a sounding board whilst he was alive i though maybe some members would like to hear my story
  6. Sharonk43

    Day 10 of no food or fluids ..

    I know just how you feel My dad passed away two weeks ago but before that he had stopped eating and drinking and hadn't taken anything for 14days. Just comfort your mum and makesure she knows she can let go. We actually found that after spending day and night with dad he waited until my...
  7. Sharonk43

    The Journey has ended

    Sorry for your loss I too am coming to terms with losing someone 2wks ago, my dad. My thoughts are with you xx
  8. Sharonk43

    Dad refusing to eat or drink

    R.I.P my dad It comes with great sadness to say that my dad passed away peacefully on Friday 24th. He is now at peace and not suffering anymore .
  9. Sharonk43

    Dad refusing to eat or drink

    My dads passing slowly Well it's been 2wks and my darling dad is still hanging on. No food, no fluids and no meds and he now is totally unaware and just a shell. I can see him slowly going, colour draining and breathing becoming raspy and laboured. He is not expected to hold on much longer and...
  10. Sharonk43

    Dad refusing to eat or drink

    Yes he has been in a nursing home for just over a year. We cared for dad at home for 3yrs but it became impossible to give him the care he needed
  11. Sharonk43

    Dad refusing to eat or drink

    Dad not eating or drinking Thanks everyone for your words of support
  12. Sharonk43

    Dad refusing to eat or drink

    My dad has been living with Alzheimer's for 6yrs now. He lost the ability to walk. Year ago after spending 1 month in hospital with a uti and the staff didn't bothered getting him out of bed. He has been in a nursing home for just over a year and up until about a month ago there were still...
  13. Sharonk43

    What would you do? - Falling out of bed

    Pressure Mats Pressure mats are a good idea if your mum is having to get up during the night anyway but we found when using one with my dad who was also a falls risk he would get up at night for no reason at all and not just once or twice, so everytime he stepped on the mat the alarm sounded...
  14. Sharonk43

    Mum has been in hospital six weeks and is now stuck in limbo

    My dads recent hospital admission Hi there, although i didn't experience the same problems as you are having with your mum i had to fight tooth and nail to get things done and make sure that my dad was discharged to a safe place. The best way to deal with any problem you have with a hospital...
  15. Sharonk43

    Back into a Nursing Home

    Hi there, I have posted in the past about my dad who was diagnosed with dementia 4yrs ago. He was in a CH for 6mths before being able to come home after improving with his medication. Dads mobility has always been a problem since and more so than his dementia, he would be a little confused...
  16. Sharonk43

    taking mum home for a few hours? is it a good idea?

    Definately not My father was in care 4yrs ago and my brother insisted on taking dad out and taking him home against my wishes. He thought it was helping dad but actually it was making things so much worse. Its like rubbing their nose in it that they are no longer able to live at home and they...
  17. Sharonk43

    Putting dad into a home AGAIN

    I totally get you, he will take interest occasionally in a western and he loves antique programs but doesn't really acknowledge whats going on in the moment
  18. Sharonk43

    Putting dad into a home AGAIN

    I would think about that but i am hoping to have him placed in a home near me so getting him to and from the day care would be a problem as he at the moment lives a 2hr round trip from me and i do not have the room to have him with me. I know it sounds funny as my dad is 82yrs old but he hates...
  19. Sharonk43

    Putting dad into a home AGAIN

    I must add that i am also considering my mums health and quality of life too. She is 72yrs old and still working as a nurse 36hrs a week when not caring for my dad. She has a heart conditions, has suffered from long term depression as have i and i just think she needs to enjoy what time she has...