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    Mum at peace now

    Hello to my friends on TP. Mum stopped eating and drinking on Thursday last week so I knew that time would be short for my lovely mum. I received a call at 9.30pm on Sunday to say she had gone down hill and it would be best if I could get closer to home as I was away on a few days break. I...
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    moving mum from dementia to nursing section

    Hello every one on TP Went to see mum on Friday with my sister and while we were there the manager came to see us. They thought it would be a good idea to move mum from the dementia ward of the NH up to the top floor were it is very quite and nursing only. We were taken to see the room...
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    Incontinence pants

    Hi Esinedee Will the care home not supply them for you. My mums NH do all that for mum and before that when she was in very sheltered accom I was able to get them from social services.
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    Stressed out

    My heart goes out to you. Sending a big hug.
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    Some advice please

    My sister and I share the visiting of mum in her NH and as you know from my previous posts mum has been in bed since last September eats very little and looks more like a skeleton just skin and bone. On any visit we may get a blank stare back or nothing at all as she keeps her eyes closed (not...
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    Just seen mum

    Tried to copy and post a reply to you all Sorry I must be a numb skull I tried to copy and reply to all your kind words about my previous posts about mum but seem not to be able to do it correctly. Just to say thank you all for the support on TP it makes a difference to know that we are all...
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    Just seen mum

    I know that all of us on this site are having the same feelings of guilt and anguish for our loved ones. Mum has not been able to speak to us for awhile now and seems to go into a deep sleep to the point that we check her breathing which seems very shallow to make sure all is well. Her food...
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    I wish it would end for mum

    Hello to all you lovely people out there. Thank you so much for your kind words. I could write for hours about how I feel so many feelings and not enough words to describe it all. Today mum was awake could not speak but ate a little porridge and her main liquid meal. Tomorrow who knows. I shall...
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    I wish it would end for mum

    Hello I have not been on for awhile but today I feel like I need to just let go of how I feel. Mum has VD and A and has been in NH for a year now before that very sheltered accom. Last September we were called to the NH three times because they thought mum was near the end only for her to...
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    keep getting called back by mum

    Thank you all for your comments it means a lot to know that there are others out there that have gone or are going through the same as me. Some times you think you are the only one.
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    keep getting called back by mum

    Sorry Celia I forgot to say I have spoken to one of the registered nurses at the NH and they can not beleive how she picks up. Only last week her pulse was thready and her legs mottled which is a sign of the body shutting down only for her to again come round. I guess when mum is ready she...
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    keep getting called back by mum

    Hi yes mum is in a nursing home who are very good with her. She has lost weight eats very little which the carers have to feed her which is mostly soup and cream shots and drinks only a little. She can use the comode with two girls holding her so her out put is ok I supose. I just find it...
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    keep getting called back by mum

    Hello all. It is a few weeks now that I postedon here but just now I feel I am on a roller coaster. Since the 10th October my mum has taken to her bed eating less and less sleeping all the time. I have been told on three occasions that her time is close only for her to rally round . When...
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    finding mum in a corner because she does not know how to get out

    Hi Mum is in a very good caring NH she has dementia but I have never been told which type. Some days I visit and I can get some conversation if it is only in her world of the past. Other days nothing at all just maybe a look that I have to say does scare me a little. She will walk around the...
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    Not sure what the next stage is

    Hello everyone. My name is Theresa and my mum has had dementia now for the last six years. We were able to get her into a very sheltered flat where care staff would come n and give her the medication she needs and also cook her meals. We could take her out and she would be able to talk with...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Widdy Hello everyone my name is Theresa and mum has dementia she is 87 this December. No one has told me what type of dementia she has but she has been suffering now for the last 6 years. This May we had to make the decision to get her into a nursing home as the self contained flat she had...