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    How can I help?

    Thank you, what a powerful article, I will definitely pass it on to mum too. We have tried a number of those things and nana was delighted to help prepare the veg for yesterday's Christmas dinner and help with the ironing, I'm grateful that they are things she is still able to do. I think...
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    How can I help?

    Hi, While we have known that the symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia have been progressing in my nana for a number of years now, she has just recently had a formal diagnosis. She does not like it, while so relies so much on my grandpa for day to day support she often blamed him and my mum...
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    Eye operation tomorrow

    Eye op experience Hi, My nana, who also sufferes from dementia recently underwent cataract surgery, while the op was a resounding success, there is no doubt it made life difficult for a week or two - she consistently complained about brightness and her glasses making her vision bad. We...