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    Feeling confused and sad

    My heart goes out to you .... you have clearly been very kind and caring to your mum and she is unable to acknowledge this. I really do sympathise as I have seen the start of my mum behaving like this with me! Like you, we have never been that close but over the years she has become more...
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    could more be done for mum?

    Hi, It's the same for me - mum has only been in a care home for 3 weeks, but I am finding it hard to cope with visiting. She is always distressed and upset when I leave and at the last visit got very angry and verbally aggressive with me. It was very upsetting for me, but apparently just...
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    being repeatly burgled

    This all sounds so familiar to me! I wish I had known about this forum earlier to share with you all..... My mum was exactly the same - she lived alone and believed she had been burgled and someone was moving things about and had the locks on the house changed 3 times! She has Alzheimers...
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    Dad is delusional and getting anxious.

    My mum was the same - was very delusional and anxious and getting upset/angry with her family when we spoke regularly on the phone. She also lived alone and was a long way from her family. Don't just rely on the memory clinic - we found that they have a very limited role, but can help with...
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    Cost of Care Homes - Does anyone understand how 'Top Up Fees' work?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond - it has been useful to read your replies. I preferred the more expensive home in the 'better location' as it had a more rural aspect, was close to a small market town for visiting etc and was easy to me to visit regularly. I have now made the decision to...
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    Cost of Care Homes - Does anyone understand how 'Top Up Fees' work?

    Hi, I am currently trying to decide between two Care Homes for my Mum - both are excellent and offer very similar facilities, levels of care, activities etc. However one is £125 per week more expensive (but in a better location). My mum will be privately funded as we need to sell her home to...
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    Dementia has made me rethink my stance on Cancer

    I am now starting to understand what it really means to have a loved one with dementia, and most of my knowledge has come from this Forum. My Mum is only in the relatively early stages at the age of 87, however I dread the future for her and for me. It seems to me like it is a very slow and long...
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    Care Homes in Coventry

    Sorry I am new to the Forum and was not aware of this regulation! However several people have indicated that would provide details from their experiences through private messaging. This is extremely helpful - obviously we all make our own decisions based on our knowledge of our loved one and...
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    Care Homes in Coventry

    Hi, I am currently looking for a suitable long term care home in Coventry for my Mum with mild to moderate alzheimers. As I do not live in the area I would appreciate any information about places to recommend or avoid!! Thanks
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    Decision Regarding Care Homes

    Thank you all for your responses; they are much appreciated! My heart agrees with you all that my mum would be better off in a care home near to me in the long term, but she has never wanted to move away from her home city even though it would have meant being nearer to me and my family...
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    Decision Regarding Care Homes

    Hi, I am new to the Forum and am a 'long distance' Carer for my Mum who has mild - moderate Alzheimers and is aged 87. She has lived alone for the past 20 years with no family nearby and few friends. I live 250 miles away (a 3 hour journey).She has recently had 3 emergency hospital admissions...