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    Losing my son

    Thank you all so much for sharing you thoughts and suggesting ways forward. Regretably I have tried most things. I have tried talking to him but his feelings seem to be so ingrained that it always comes to me not considering his feelings. I have been accussed of disrespecting his mothers memory...
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    Losing my son

    I have not posted since losing my wife on 13the March 2007 aged 57. Ruth developed Alzheimers at 44. I cared for her until she developed epelepsy in 2002 and my health deteriorated. She went into an EMI home in Feb 2003 unable to communicate effectively and not knowing me. I visited every day...
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    Ruth's funeral yesterday

    My beloved Ruth was given a rousing sendoff yesterday. Church bells, choir and a packed church. I spoke the words I had been writing in my mind for so many years. I am coping well. When I feel sad I remember her choking on her food and the fact that every capacity had been removed from her. She...
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    Wonderful Service

    Ruth was given a rousing send-off yesterday. She came to the church the day before to lay overnight in the church where she was churchwarden and which she loved so much. A short service was held as she arrived with just myself and my son's present. At her service yesterday I recited the words...
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    Her suffering has ended.

    My darling Ruth passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning. I was holding her hand and my sons were with her. I know she is now at peace and her terrible suffering has ended but I am missing her so much. This terrible illness has taken teo of us. I will be strong and get through this...
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    Her suffering has ended

    My wonderful Ruth passed away yesterday after suffering for 12 years with Alzheimers. It arrived when she was 44 and took her when she was 57. It has also taken me and although I know she is no longer suffering I miss her so much.
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    Ruth has been ill with Alzhimers for over 12 years having started symptoms when she was 44. Now 57 she will leave us shortly and her suffering will end. I have cared for her and loved her more and more as her symtoms grew worse. Now not eating or drinking I have refused to have her peg fed. It...
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    early symptons

    Subtle changes Hi, Most of the other replies have been about right. My wife developed Alz at the age of 44. There were subtle changes. Couldn't remember the day of the week, word processing went wrong, forgot to give messages, loss of confidence. She is now 57 and we beleive we will lose her...
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    A sad day for me

    You are not alone I sympathise with you. My wife is 57 years old, has been ill with Alzheimers since she was 44. Now in a nursing home as she is forgetting how to swallow and chokes on her food. She is losing weight rapidly and is basically starving to death. My sons and I have agreed not to...
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    Can you help me to understand?

    Who understands this dreadfull illness? Hi, Have just read you post. My wife became ill when she was 44 years old, diagnosed with an Alzheimer's related illness at 47.5, now 55 and in an Elderly Mentally Infirm home. This illness seems one in which the sufferer does not as a rule recognise...