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    your help needed to educate people about dementia and memory problems

    4). I think It is yes the nhs said a home or with family not back to his own home. But they were called out to him early one day when he was ill. 5) The long term affects are that he is unhappy in the resulting place off residents (which is with his middle son and me.) 6)I have to admit I...
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    Our Priorities

    Here I hope this is not just me but I would love to see care homes and restbite care were pets can go to. My father goes no where with out his dog so I can not get a weeks rest. He would go mad with out her. he has lost his wife so no dog would be hell for him. I am sure others out there are...
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    -P.O.A. How to bring up subject with Terry?

    We were told by the hospital to do it straight away and did. with dad but didnt with mum. the problem of getting it after a person is worse is imposible. we got dad to sign the forms two years ago but didnt lodge it with court until this year as he is to bad to keep his affairs in order. so my...
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    Can Someone please help

    just a thought hi rich My father in law went down hill fast and it turned out he had a water infection. He has stayed in a bad way but he has up days....not today though.If you can have it checked out as it can help. and any little raise in the condition can help greatly. good luck s