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    Shiney things and other stuff

    Hi Tubbie Re: Shiny things and other stuff, my Mum is also fascinated with all things shiny - be they hair baubles, earrings, tins of anything, boxes of tissues and especially Christmas decorations. This would also reflect in her dress style too - luminous yellow / green jumpers with...
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    Many thanks for all replies - I will try to clarify some queries. Just a fortnight ago, I met with Mum's Psychiatrist. I highlighted the drinking situation and she had picked up on Mum's poor personal hygiene immediately. Apparently she cannot be sectioned just for her drinking alone - she...
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    My Mother was diagnosed 5 years with Dementia. Over the past year, her personal hygiene has become a serious problem, along with the fact that her house is filthy. She is now doubly incontinent. The local authority provide pads for her, but the problem lies with not washing herself. She lives...