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    bus trip

    I just want to post this as i want to share .We have a car and we do use it but I find while I am driving hubby PWD will just sit there very quite we always have music on he loves all the 60's music .but still we don't do much chatting . Yet if we take the bus , like today we went to York we...
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    I've just ordered some flowers to be delivered to me

    This post made me smile , after having to get someone to help him buy my xmas card in the shop ,,I decided that the best way for me to receive a xmas gift was to buy anything I wanted my self . He was most agreeable with this idea , the one requirement I made was he had to wrap them with help...
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    A Hug

    I too did everything that was required today .after we opened our gifts made us nice scramble eggs with smoked salmon, and even though it was only 1 hour since the gifts he thought it was boxing day . I too did the entire xmas lunch but think it will be the last one . As we were alone for the...
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    Turning me into a nasty person!

    Hi I too have blocked family on Facebook as I am totally fed up seeing the wonderful places that they go to and the things they do .yet cant call to see OH .their own brother . I felt very guilty about it at first . But that soon wore off I only keep Facebook to see and hear about our...
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    Friends stopped calling

    in my experience its both family and friends that have both stopped calling . those that see PWD can only stay well he seems ok to me .( he is blessed with looking really well ) but sitting with him for 1 hour you do not get to see the whole picture ,try been there 24 hours a day
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    Sometimes life can be funny ha ha!!

    Fabulous you put a smile on my face .
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    A problem and how to solve it

    Hi @Hard Work what about a sheet of acrylic .the type that's see through you could blue tack it to the wall .the sort you get from say a hard ware store .it may be called a oven splash back .placed standing on floor upright behind the bucket and attached to the wall it would be there but not...
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    So Cross!

    @maryjoan hope you have a nice break .I slip away every Wednesday afternoon to go swimming....remembering to breath and stay afloat takes my mind off OH for at least 1 hour ....then once I am out I am rushing home back into carers mode .
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    Birthday cards

    Hi @Agzy . Thanks I may just see what happens. I too never received any cards last year on mine . I think when your in our position forgetting to send a few cards is the least of our problems.
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    Radar keys

    Our daughter bought ours from a on line shop .They are great . Now I can assist my OH in a dignified way, We do get some funny looks as he not disabled physically.
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    Birthday cards

    A strange thought came to me in the middle of the night. As I always reminded the OH PWD about his 7 siblings birthdays cards which I bought and made sure he wrote , cards which I then remembered to post on time ... As we hardly see any of them even though 5 live in at least a 20 mile...
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    Empathy/comprehension/compassion NO NO NO!

    Quite often I think I am alone in this situation and then I read posts on here this 1 as well as others and realise I am not. TP is so good it answers questions that you did not realise you wanted answers to. And in other people's words I find the strength to carry on with this journey. Thank...
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    I want you back

    Hi @Philbo . We are less than a year in from diagnosis. Yet I suspect that this was around in some sort before he retired in 2015 aged 67. I am blessed as we at the moment dont have anger or violence. It's as if he is just retreating into his self .hence the I want you back post this am
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    I want you back

    Hi everybody and thanks for your nice replies. I have been a member for a while but tend to read more than I post .My OH has FTD and compared with some of the difficult things a lot of you have to cope with daily we are in a fairly settled place at moment It was after a long warm night and...
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    I want you back

    He is a man still but becoming a child. I want the man I fell in love with and married back . I dont want to answer the same question or tell him how to do something again and again. I want him to remember again .I want conversation and laughter. Not silence . I want help in the house and garden...
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    Anger at loss of driving licence

    After reading all the posts on here I can see I am in the same boat (car ) lol as a lot of people , OH had to surrender his licence last November and moaned daily and was always asking about when he could have it back , this past week I have changed the car bought jointly but in my name I am...
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    Advice on coping

    Hi and welcome ,I too have a husband who only got his diagnosis ,just last November so we have yet to reach a year . I too was very much like you full of dread and fear , I found my sleep pattern went to pieces I was struggling to cope . then I found this site and it has really helped . you can...
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    Dominoes, playing cards, jigsaws, colouring books, snakes and ladders !!!!! You name it I have tried it with my OH. All discarded within days . The reason I believe is he never was someone who was interested in things like that before his dementia. He was just a worker . A man who went out...
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    Carer's Bus Pass

    My OH had a old age bus pass but I am too young .But with help from the mental health nurse We applied and got a companion bus pass . This pass means I can travel free with him .its not just me anybody can accompany him .a small gain but very much appreciated by both of us he loves to travel on...
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    Hi #Countryboy Yes thanks we had a great time , the sun shone each day the hotel was lovely and so was the staff. We enjoyed going out walking nearly every day either to the promenade or the park , and each night we had a stroll around to a lovely little bar that was just right for us. Our...