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    Obsessions in ftd

    Hi Yorkie46, it was a consultant who prescribed the risperidone, we have stayed under the consultant all along, and she has been very good and supporting. I haven’t managed the side effects with my husband, difficult to know which are the drugs and which are dementia progression, but they have...
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    Obsessions in ftd

    My husband has FTD and had obsessions, although different ones to your husband. He was prescribed Risperidone (an anti psychotic drug) which greatly helped. Although it did come with side effects, and maybe speeded up his decline in terms of language etc.
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    Side effects of Respiradone

    My husband is on it and it has made such a difference in terms of his OCD behaviour and also his anxiety and aggression. In terms of side effects - his is more apathetic and definitely sleeps a lot more. As other have said I have had conversations with his consultant and despite any risks...
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    Mirtazapine has been increased.

    My husband is on 45mg (he has FTD - frontal temporal dementia). It does help him sleep and along with risperidone has stopped the statements about not wanting to be alive.
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    Our future has suddenly changed

    Hi Anglea I can completely understand. My husband was diagnosed at 55 (now coming up to 60). I am 43 and work full time. I likewise struggled to get my head around it, keep sharing on here or if you either want to message me feel free. I think go easy on yourself and don’t beat yourself up...
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    All quiet on the Northumbrian front

    I can sympathise, my husband is 58 with FTD dementia and I feel so weary. I admire you for making the right choice for you both. I am not sure how far we are away from this stage, not too far I think...but I struggle to know when the right point will be. I notice from you past post that you are...
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    Risperidone..any experience?

    It’s been very good at bring my husbands aggression and repetitive thinking to an end. He is now sweet, compliant and good natured. The downside is that he has put on weight
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    Time for separate bedrooms?

    I moved into a different by originally going to bed with him and then moving (because he snored) into the other bedroom after the light had gone out. As this did not seem to bother him when he woke in the morning I then phased in just going to bed in the other room from the outset. I guess I am...
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    Interesting my husband also worked shifts, didn't get much sleep and has early onset dementia. I have just finished a book on sleep which spoke about the different stages of sleep and the risks of lack of sleep
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    OH taking risperidone and getting worse

    My husband takes it. Perscribed to combat repetitive thinking and also aggression. It has really helped with this. Thinking about yes I think it has probably progressed his dementia symptoms and also his desire to do things, which is now non stop existent. However on balance there was no other...
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    Is it acceptable for social worker to say this?

    Thanks for all the responses, to be fair I did not mean it when I said I was refusing to care anymore, I was just desperate and trying to get them to see that I needed support. Him getting back up and thinking it was the next day was the final straw as I am only 42 so have the keep working (my...
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    Is it acceptable for social worker to say this?

    Is it acceptable for a social worker to say to me that I have to care for my husband as we are married until death us do part, when I said they had a duty of care and I was at the end of my tether and could not do it anymore, as he was refusing to go to bed and I need to sleep as I work full...
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    Apathy, mine!

    Hi Laura40, I was struck by your posts as I too am in my early 40’s and a have a husband with dementia. I am exhausted I think emotionally and physically from working full time and caring for him. The Christmas break is restoring me but I think once I am back at work I will slip back into my...
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    Anyone have long term experience with Mirtazapine?

    Yes it is working well for my husband, his main issues were anxiety and obsessive thoughts/behaviours, it has certainly resolved a lot of that. I know that Mirtazapine is supposed to increase appetite as a side effect, but I guess it depends if someone gets that side effect. The riseridone is...
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    Anyone have long term experience with Mirtazapine?

    My husband has been in 45 mg for 2 years now. No adverse side effects, other than weight gain although that could be due to other medication. It seems to help him sleep and he is certiainly less anxious (also on riseridone for repetitive thoughts)
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    Donepezil/Aricept side effects. Get a second opinion!!

    Hi, I have a similar story. My husband was originally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and prescribed donepezil. 8 months later that diagnosis changed to FTD. He likewise became aggressive and violent. I think he had this tendency due to the FTD, but the donepezil exaggerated it I am sure. My...
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    Latest obsession

    How strange.,. I wonder if it’s a theme. My husband (diagnosed with FTD) had an obsession 3-4 years ago, whereby he would see someone with a beard and state (generally very loudly) how silly they looked and how stupid it was. This also translated to TV and to pictures of people with beards. An...
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    Refusing to Wash - wits end

    My husband refused to wash and after months of me frustratedly asking, telling and persuading all to no avail, it is now resolved by a family bath day... in that if I have a shower, the dog is bathed then my husband agrees to climb in the shower. I am happy, husband seems happy with this, the...
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    Inhome Camera

    I use Nest cameras, you can view on your phone and a good picture. You can if you want to talk through them as well, although I would only use that feature in an emergency. Also have the thermostat so I can make sure heat is on, and you can get smoke/carbon monoxide alarms which all work...
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    Trying to care for someone with FTD...

    Hello My husband has FTD, although the semantic variant. My husband also used to frequently say he wanted go die, several times. Day. Medication seems to have resolved this, although maybe he still thinks it I am not sure. Whilst he didn't drink much, I haven't moved him over to shandy and...