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    Not sure if this will help but have read in other forums about no rinse shampoos and caps, ie with the shampoo you just put it on the hair, lather it up and towel dry. Must admit I havent tried it on OH but maybe it will help you. Just google no rinse shampoo.
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    What can I do

    Oh Mammajan I so empathise with how you feel especially the "sitting there slowly waiting to die" bit. I've realised that I no longer have any interests outside the home and not a great deal inside if Im honest, am finding that one of the many problems with this illness ...and whatever the NHS...
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    My husband does nothing now and hasn't for a number of years. The last time that I let him walk our dog nearly 6 months ago he was gone for way over an hour & Ive no idea where he had been. Its not so much that he doesn't want to help its just that he can no longer do the simplest thing. Very...
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    How do i explain where my Dad is when Mum asks, he died 8 years ago.

    My OH tells me that his mum ( who died nearly 20 years ago) has rented a room in the house that overlooks our garden and watches him to make sure that he "helps" me. I did tell him a couple of times that she had died or explain that since she lived in Australia it was unlikely she would rent a...
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    Feeling so down!

    Well today is another day and am feeling more upbeat as son is coming to visit. I wishyou a peaceful Christmas and strength for the New Year.
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    Feeling so down!

    My OH walks yards behind me so I have to keep turning round to make sure he is still there. No idea what's wrong with me ATM just feel like crying all the time everything just seems so pointless. Have got the presents for family all sorted and for OH but have just done it on auto no joy in it...
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    Probably a strange question but...

    Thank you Thank you to everyone who has replied I will take your advice and try & get him to see the doctor, it is such a help to have other people I can ask for advice. x
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    Probably a strange question but...

    Hi everyone. My OH has memory problems, confusion an inability to do even the simplest thing ie put a screw in the wall (when he used to do all home repairs including plumbing etc) and a somewhat relaxed attitude, to say the least, to personal hygiene. What he can do is take our little dog out...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Hello My husband suffers from memory loss, confusion & general lack of interest in anything, this has been gradually coming on for the last 2 or 3 years and it is definitely getting worse. He is getting more grumpy & bad tempered, has to be reminded to shower etc and just sits there staring...