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    My little video story.

    Ooophs, must remember to log out of Youtube first This should be the correct link. Sorry guys
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    My little video story.

    A short 5 minute ciip of a drawing I did following my fathers demise roughly 2 years ago. The drawing is 50% of the story and I felt that I needed to add a narration to complete the picture. Dad had Dementia and unknown to us a cancer that overtook everything else. At the time however no...
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    Day care . I'm in turmoil.

    Day care Reading though the various posts, I can only relay some of the thoughts that mum had for our dad. He had always been a solitary fellow and therefore wasn't that keen on day care, but mum did managed to get him to go, as long as she was with him. I think she found it helped her more...
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    Mum slipped away 13 months ago

    So many common thoughts Hi there and all me best wishes to you. I felt I had to write in reply as there are so many parts of your message than ring bells with those of the loss of my father this year. His loss was rapid in the end and combined with Cancer which as a family we all feel...
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    strange feeling

    I can relate to this very closely Dad died only recently and we all feel similar to how you do. The person we said goodbye to was not dad, but some person who looked like him and spoke like him but wasn't the man we knew. We all feel very calm and can't relate to normal perceived...
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    Anyone else had this?

    Medics not listening Ohh I feel your pain. Our dad was bumbling OK for a few years then this year his weight started to plummet. The GP's were useless and seemed to be on a different planet. Dad was extremely emotionally disturbed but the GP's were not prepared to do anything. I appreciate...
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    Is this end of life and what can I do??

    Sorry to here your woes. My dad just passed this week (Tues 21st Jul) and whilst it was cancer that finally took him his dementia had been horrible in the weeks preceding his admission. During this time he was also on a blood thinning agent and was also spitting out his meds. As a family we took...
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    Rapid decline

    Dad is finally at peace. The locum said he did not need to be in hospital for his med, but three days later he was in MAY and a CT scan showed several cancers. In the end, we were thankful of the cancer as he suddenly got all the care he deserved. Up to that point he was virtually ignored my...
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    Rapid decline

    Well dad is taking some food now but a miserly amount. His biggest issue is being awake all night. I have just returned from a weekends stay covering nights for mum and these were two of the worst nights i have ever experienced. Mum put dad to bed around 9.30pm and by 9.45 he was up again and...
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    Rapid decline

    Yesterday mum had another appalling night with zero sleep. Dad was clapping his hands most of the night and complaining of stomach pain. Mum asked for a doctor to call. When he did attended, he merely gave my mum a new prescription for different water infection tablets, and suggested that my mum...
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    Rapid decline

    Dad has accepted he's on borrowed time now My father has now accepted he's on borrowed time and says he does not want to go on any more. We've decided to try our best to make him comfortable till nature takes its toll. However, what I am surprised about is that there seems little or no...
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    Rapid decline

    Thanks for the comments Thanks for the comments, its a surprise just how many people are going through or have gone through such similar events and my best regards to you all. I spoke with mum today and she really feels that dad is ebbing away quite fast. I spoke with sis and she is popping up...
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    Rapid decline

    Hi folks, just felt I wanted to post a message about my father who is entering the last act of his dementia journey. I can hardly believe the transformation in just two months. In march of this year, we was still moderately active for an 82 year old. When I visited him just last month he had the...