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    Day out

    hi all just had to tell you all what a great day out I had yesterday with the nh that mum is in,we went on a boat trip on the river which was amazing, the the care and love that the carers have for the residents is lovely to see.We had food and music and a good old singsong the ones that...
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    Just needing support . . .

    hi all Have'nt posted for a while, but have been reading all your post, and this one hit a nerve, since mum went into a nh which has turned out to be a really lovely place, I feel sort of out of a job, although I visit every other day. mum lately has looked at me as if I am a...
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    A question in preparation

    hi blue gremlin my mum's brother died in febuary and she still does not know,I decided not to tell her,her brother did not live close and they kept in touch by phone which stop when mum could know longer talk on the phone then dad took over and when she lived with me I did it .I just...
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    no help

    hi Ironmaiden my mum's move to a nursing home was much better than you are experiencing,I don't understand what a ward sister was doing phoning the matron, I thought It was the social workers job to tell you that your dad would not be funded and not a ward sister.have you thought of moving...
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    My Mum's in hospital

    hi Kayla My mum has just ended a 3 week stay in hospital and I found the staff gave mum very good care they even had a nurse with her day and night, to make sure she never wandered, even with a ward full of patients who had had surgery,and on the days that she could not feed herself they...
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    Margarita and wendy I'm the same, I have this theary that if I thing of the worst it never happens,if I have no worrys I find some, mad isn't it carol
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    Hello - Newbie here

    Jarnee and Mel what's happened to you and how you feel is just how I felt,being an only child is hard as you have to shoulder all the important decisions on your own and live with what you decide I found that I pushed the thought of dad to the back of my mind, then I would find a picture...
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    Hello - Newbie here

    hi libby and and welcome to tp you say your fairly happy with the home,are they doing as much as they can to make you mum feel that it is her home now,the not talking to her much is very much the same as my mums previous home and mum was never happy there it was like she was there but not seen...
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    Letter writing

    hi Iynne and Margarita thanks for your messages,yes I am on a high at the moment and that is just how I feel that at last somebody cares and mum is not just a medical condition...
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    Letter writing

    margarita good to know someone has been where I have been, at times it has been almost impossible when I had promised to go places with my daughter who is 11yrs and had to cancel because my husband was at work and mum had had yet another fall and the only place my daughter got to was a long...
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    Letter writing

    hi margarita no mum never had any mediction for her dementia as they said that her assessment score was so low and it would not help her as she had gone to far,I often wonder if I had faced up to what was happening to her we may have been able to slow the progress of it ,but then I was...
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    Letter writing

    hi margarita mum has had pictures of dad in her room and its almost as if she does not see him,its funny but yesterday was the first time that mum has try to say my name in at least 2 yrs but its as if she has deliberatly blocked dad out ,mum does not really talk only yes...
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    My Mum

    so sorry for your loss, you did your very best. thinking of you carol
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    hospital bed

    Thanks brucie and lynne have excepted the nursing home place for mum, we have now got to wait for the extra funding to be approved,so it could be another 2 weeks before mum is moved went to visit her yesterday and wasa bit concerned as her legs (which have always been thin)seemed...
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    Letter writing

    hi mel you said your mum was married 55 yrs ,my mum and dad were married 58 yrs dad died december 2004 he had emphysema for 11 yrs they were very close but mum has not spoken of him since he died,that i find hard as i am an only child and have know one to talk about dad to,well not things...
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    hospital bed

    hi amy yes the home is only 20 mins walk away so if I need to get to mum it will not take long, and i can pop in any time as relatives can go when they like. my children will also be able to see there nan in the week not just at weekends as the last two places where quite a few miles...
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    hospital bed

    hello all went to see the nursing home offered to mum yesterday,and was presently surprised,it is a very happy and friendly places. The first thing that struck me was that it did not smell and was clean.The manager show me round mums room which she will share but is large. There are only 26...
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    Weight loss

    hi tess my mum has also lost weigh although she is on none of the medication talked about,I always understood that weight loss was part of the illness carol
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    hospital bed

    thanks for your reply Aine yes i have somewhere else in mind for mum ,but the problem is that it is more money and being at the mercy of social services will they fund it if this other place fits mums needs and is cheaper? carol
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    hospital bed

    just come back from visiting mum and have been told that she was assessed by the nursing home that has offered her a place and they say that thay will take her. I also phoned the helpline number but it seems that if the home covers the care she needs i will have a fight on my hands if i refuse...