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    My story

    jo your words have given me a strength to carry on looking after my partner at home thank you for letting me and others know that there is smiles and tears and life after this look after your self and your family,give your dad a hug my partners mum is doing just as your dad did and hiding from...
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    afraid and unsure

    thankyou thank you for being here for listening not judging and for understanding for once i feel my tears running down face are from a little relief that I am not really alone but learning to come to terms with my new family come friends I know now that I am not alone in watching my loved one...
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    afraid and unsure

    Hi the children and myself are trying to come to terms with the news that Simon has fronto-temporal dementia, alzheimers and parkinsons for good measure our lives were fine till last June when he became ill he was an active man a police officer till he was hit on the head whilst on duty and now...