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    Netti and Social Services

    Thanks Connie - the SS worker told me the same thing about filling in the forms for Attendance Allowance. I should get the forms in a day or two and will work on it keeping my father's worst day in mind! Have a nice evening Netti:D
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    Not looking for answers, just need to tell someone...

    Hey Dave ... I think by instinct we are selfish, because that is self preservation. Regardless of what you think of yourself, your actions will prove otherwise. Be there for your family, share in the care of your parents, and don't forget that none of us are ever prepared for any of this...
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    Netti and Social Services

    Hello all - many thanks for all the messages of support - it does help in some bizarre way to know that there are others going through a similar situation to mine ... also helps to prepare for the next 'stage' of this horrible illness. As requested - an update on Social Services visit today...
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    New here - Feel like walking away !

    Hello Lostboy! Hi - I too am new to this forum. A very warm welcome to you! I too am in my 40s and I look after my father who has Alzheimers. I have no family in the UK to assist, so know what you are going through. Others in this forum are in similar positions, and it seems to be a...
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    Hi and some advice please

    Tablet taking Hello - this is my first day on this Forum. So from one newcomer to another - welcome! My father has dementia and I look after him. THere are times that I have to travel for business and I have left him on his own. He has a medicine box - with seperate compartments for...
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    Hello - I'm new to this Forum!

    Thanks for messages of support Thank-you - already two messages with support and advice ... very, very much appreciated. Already feeling better!:) I will let you know how it goes on Tuesday.
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    Hello - I'm new to this Forum!

    Hello - I have today joined this Forum. I (on my own) look after my father who has Dementia. He was officially diagnosed in April 2006. I am feeling a little alone and unloved (and sorry for myself) at the moment!:( We have lived for most of my life in Zimbabwe - although my father is...