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    Concerned about my mums medication

    My husband has been taking Risperidone for several months. It started on an as and when basis, and progressed to 3 times a day. I also read the paperwork and was concerned about some of the side effects. His mobility has deteriorated, but perhaps that would have happened anyway. I quizzed...
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    And so it goes on...

    I Know that you are right about keeping aspects of your own lives, but somehow I never quite managed it!! Since retirement we have tended to do most things together and i never imagined that a Dementia would befall us, and I also had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to handle it!! i have always...
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    Who am I ? I won't know myself soon!!!

    I just want to say that you and your husband are marvellous! So many people would just have given up by now. you both deserve a medal!!!
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    Power of Attorney Question

    I did the same. I made appointments at the bank, and had to take ID (passport, ultilty bill). They want a certified copy of the POA. It was quite a long process (about 30 minutes in the bank). They fill in forms, take copies of the POA and send them to some other part of the bank network...
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    Who am I ? I won't know myself soon!!!

    I totally understand how you feel, with the same thing being asked over and over. I’ve mentioned before that the doctors tell me to go into another room, or just not get into the conversation, but I haven’t been able to find a solution like that. We only have a two bedroom flat, there‘s not...
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    When your husband doesn't know you..

    Thanks for your reply.. That’s exactly what it’s like here! i’ll suddenly hear him almost in tears, that he’s got no money. I don’t want him distressed, so I have to stop whatever I’m doing to try to console him and show him he has money!! The doctor tells me not to react and he will forget...
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    When your husband doesn't know you..

    I’ll have to give it a try, I think. This is his main obsession, which has now been going off and on for 2 years!!! We’re never away from it, but sometimes I can placate him or distract for a short time. This week it’s been non stop!
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    Who am I ? I won't know myself soon!!!

    It’s strange isn’t it? You get the odd day when you think things may be getting better, and then you come back to earth with a bang!! I don’t mean the dementia gets better, but that the medication is helping, and then the moans and groans start again. Its the same old merry go round!!
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    When your husband doesn't know you..

    This week, my husband has been obsessed about his money again. He gets upset that he has no money, so I give him a list of his accounts, and he stares at this for hours. I know he has no understanding of what it says. Then he tells me his wife organised these for him and she has died!! This...
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    No connection now

    My husband is very affectionate these days, but then he doesn’t know I’m his wife, so I must be a new woman in his life!!
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    When your husband doesn't know you..

    My husband has been prescribed Risperidone. It started out as taking half a tablet on an as and when basis. That hardly worked at all, because he refused to take them!! Then gradually I have been told I could increase the dose to firstly a half tablet daily, then twice and a few months ago, it...
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    Who am I ? I won't know myself soon!!!

    We organised the LPA when my husband was first diagnosed, but even then he was always negative about someone else, even his wife, controlling his money. I got around it by saying I needed to be able to speak to the bank on the phone, as he can’t hear very well. For about 2 years, I haven’t had...
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    No connection now

    Count me in with the hugs!! Oh, for a conversation!!!
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    When did it all start!

    My husband got very cross with me because me thought I was syphoning off his money!! It was a tirade day after day, and n9 amount of explaining to the truth to him had any effect. Experts said to distract him, walk away, go into another room etc etc. Nothing worked, he would start again as...
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    Brushing teeth

    Just out of interest, my hygienist told me a few years back not to rinse after brushing, as the residue of toothpaste was protecting the teeth!! Saves another worry, I just have to make sure my husband brushes as well as possible.
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    Wellbeing discussion - checking in with each other and sharing practical advice

    I have been through all sorts of emotions during the past 2 years. My husband is 20 years older than me and we have had a lovely time over the past 40 years. I started off in this dementia journey full of confidence I could cope, but I had no idea what was ahead of me. As I’ve said before on...
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    When your husband doesn't know you..

    I wish we could get over this phase!! This morning, at 6am he was really distressed about not having any money. I tried showing him his wallet, and his bank accounts, but nothing worked. I just had to wait for the early morning Risperidone to kick in for a bit of peace!!
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    When your husband doesn't know you..

    Fortunately, my husband doesn’t seem to want to spend his money!!! He went through a phase however when he was very agitated that he believed he hadn’t received his company pension since he retired (30 years) and when I told him it had come every month and we used it to live on, he went mad...
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    Memory clinic process question

    I’m sure Memory Clinics will be slightly different in the various areas, but don’t worry about it. Back in 2015/16 my husband had spoken to the GP about his failing memory, but we were going away on a long holiday and the GP said he would refer him to the Memory Clinic when we returned. To be...
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    Year 5 since diagnosis starts today.

    I did tell the mental health doctor that if this went on for years, she’d have me sitting in the chair as a patient!!