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    Update on David

    Dear Jan so sorry to read of Davids distress it must be heart breaking for you and your family you are often in my thoughts love Pam,
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    A life in the day of.........................

    My Dear Sylvia. I was saddend to read about your last visit to see Dirhen but true to form you had realised why you felt as you did , Hope your next visit you find Dirhen a pleasanter mood and you are more relaxed, love to you both Pam
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    Mums hospital visit not good

    Good morning Larivy Hope mum is brighter today and you receive the extra help which will benefit you both,can mum still enjoy photos sure she would like to see you emerging from the waves again, take care love to you all, how is bro at th e moment . Lorazi Pam
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    Mum is definitely on a down turn

    Larivy,you are in my thoughts , Hope mum sleeps well and that you are pain free. love Pam
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    Update on David

    Jan , it is so sad to hear of Davids deteriation. this illness is so cruel to all it touches, sending you my love and hope you are given the strength to cope. thinking of you both Pam
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    Henry ill, I am concerned....

    Loo hope all goes well with Henry settling into the new home. look after yourself all the stress can take its toll without you being aware. keep us updated love Pam
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    Mum not right

    larivy. Sorry mum is not her chirpy self, how are you have you had both shoulders sorted out, have thought of you often love Pam alias Lorazi -Pam
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    addicted to TP again

    Here I am sat at my computor reading all the old posts , when i have 101 things i should really be doing, but the pull of TP still out ways cleaning my disgraceful kitchen or tackling the mountain of paper work, there I go again blaming others for my weaknesse again which i promised i would not...
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    Trev in care

    Afraid I have awful news to share, after having no sleep yet again and feeling very stressed, my son Insisted Trev went into emergency respite. I do not think I will be allowed to have him home , for a bit.I am suffering from depression and have been prescribed meds, hope I can get strong so I...
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    Hello flowerpot, I have a Hoist for my husband without this standing hoist I would not be able to keep my husband home, I can manage this single handed, just trying to obtain a better sling which will make Trev more comfy, but it will make such a difference for cared and carer , if you need any...
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    Best news so far this year!!!!!

    well done my friend, thank you for fighting so hard on behalf of all early onset sufferers, we all appreciate all your efforts and succsess thanks from Trev and I
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    Update on David

    Jan hope David is settled today, these infection play merry hell with our loved ones dont they. Trev looked on his last legs this weekend and now looks so much better hope it is the same with David. I know for sure the effect it has on myself so I understand how you must be feeling, wish I...
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    Little gem so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed by every thing at the moment, I so understand and am feeling that way myself for the first time ever, I feel like burying my head, but think we must both promise to sort out at least one positive thing each day, if you wish to pm me I will give you...
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    What are the experiences of those caring for relatives with young onset dementia?

    Laura I would willingley help, could you ask a list of specific questions for us to reply to, maybe multiple choice, which we can just tick think it would give you usful info from a wide range of early onset sufferes, my husband was about 54 when diagnosed is now 60 cannot speak, immobile...
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    Nighttime Anxiety

    Helen hope your Tom is calmer, Now what have you been upto , Trev can pick up on my vibes, even if I think i am hiding my distress, he just acts more agitated if I am down. expect it will be same with Tom, but we cannot always be sunshine and light and I never was very good at faking it. Hope...
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    Trev had another Siezure today, but back home now

    Thanks everyone for your much appreciated support yet again. you will never know how much it means to me to know you lot are out there supporting me like a warm shouder to lean on Last night Trev started coughing and it continued today so called GPout, he has a very crackly chest, appears to...
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    Trev had another Siezure today, but back home now

    Trev had a siezure well i think he did, was not in lounge when it took place and he did not cry out as usual, but as I took his lunch in was shocked to find him leaning to right with mouth definatley drooping, and frothing, dialled 999, and record time 3 mins paramedic, who were convinced trev...
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    Husband in do I cope

    goodevening Bastan, just wanted to say hello and that i so understand, you could have been been writing our story, so glad you have such a loving family supporting you, will speak later love Pam
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    exactly one year on

    Helen hope you are now sharing a lovely valentines evening, you have so much love to share and make those around you feel alive, glad your emotions have enabled you to feel serene. it is a priveledge to know you and you give me hope for the future as I so realise that love cannot stop AD...
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    black cloud has lifted

    hello all my lovely friends, I have been in a bad place for a while but today after eventually achieving sleep I feel like the old Pa,m , and will laugh in the face of ADand not let it have its wicked way with us. I awoke today withoutthat black doom feeling I have been ignoring but secretly...