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  1. Sam Iam

    Lack of appetite with Vascular Dementia

    Oak field, my mum is like this but if she is having a bad time I usually put some" treat" type foods that mum enjoys, i.e. nibbles cakes yogurts and biscuits for as long as she is eating it doesn't matter wither is is proper nutrition or junk food. Best wishes. Xxxxx
  2. Sam Iam

    How much time do you spend caring?

    Graham, please as the others have said don't compare with others as what suits One person is to much or to little for another. Sorry your partner is not supportive. TP is a good support. Xxxx
  3. Sam Iam

    Complaint about dad's nursing home.

    Sue I am sorry you are having all of this stress as you have enough going on at the mo. Hugs xxx
  4. Sam Iam

    mums brother refusing to accept diagnosis

    FG, did you know you can have Attendance Allowance, which is not . Means tested ( does not take your own monies in to account) I work full time and get £180 per calendar month which is used for various things. Brothers are difficult, I have a :D brother & an :mad: brother and on the whole the...
  5. Sam Iam

    The poor man in India

    NB, hugs xxxxx As for the man in India. Way to go babe. Xxxx
  6. Sam Iam

    I need to calm down

    Wish there was a steam coming out of ears icon for you Joanne. Hope things get sorted out for you both. Xxxx
  7. Sam Iam

    Undersheets for my incontinence sufferer

    William, I bought a fitted plastic sheet for mum's bed for us it is "just incase" and I put one of these sheepskin type fitted sheets over the top and there is no "plasticy noises as I am doing this on a cohort basis. I bought both of these in T**co's. I am sure they cost between £10 £15 for...
  8. Sam Iam

    losing my own family

    Add me to the list as well. I have my daughter and husband but one by one everyone has backed off and if I am honest this is the second time in my life I have been here. My mum sent me to granny sit when I was 14 until I was 16/17 most days of my school holidays and let me tell you gran was a...
  9. Sam Iam

    Henry from Hospital to Care Home

    Loo, a wee hug and a lot of love xxx
  10. Sam Iam

    Guilt, guilt, guilt

    Mrs M, Welcome to TP! You are amongst friends. We are all haunted by the guilt monster from time to time with this horrible disease. None of this is anyones fault but this does not make these decisions any easier for you and your mum but alas it is what is best for your dad and your mum and I...
  11. Sam Iam

    Update on David

    Jan, kind thoughts for you and David. Strength and peace. Xxxx
  12. Sam Iam

    Mum Passed Away Today

    Jane, thinking of you and your's, today and in the coming days and weeks. Xxx
  13. Sam Iam

    Today is John's birthday

    Hazel, thank you for posting the photo's of John. He was a lovely gentleman. Hugs and thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you in two
  14. Sam Iam

    alchoholism in people with dementia

    Hi EG, I am that TPer, we water mums drink down so much but I have seen her using a pint tumbler to get past that particular problem. We are convinced she has drink problem too, to the verge of being an alcoholic. I have posted this already. We have decided that since mum has a...
  15. Sam Iam

    psychiatrist and OT visited dad - agreed he needs to go into care

    Oh Tink, I hope and pray your special day will go as planned. Can you not ask a care agency to assist you with your dad walking you down the aisle? Probably not much use but just a suggestion you so deserve this one wee thing and who knows maybe when your dad see's you in your wedding dress...
  16. Sam Iam

    I need support

    Tina, hugs for you and Ken. Xxxxxx
  17. Sam Iam

    Mum at peace now....

    Nicoise, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. Xxxxx
  18. Sam Iam

    I am so fed up with the pathetic excuses.

    Excuses are not of any use, I feel trapped as one by one everyone around me (except for my wee family) has "jumped ship" best one was I work with "it" all day:mad: erm so do I and I come home to be mum's carer:( Mum's friend ( they were constant companions) no where to be seen. This is...
  19. Sam Iam

    guilt that i cant show affection

    Hi My Mum Eve, Thank you for starting this thread it has been so cathartic for me. I realize there are people here on TP who have the same sort of feelings and emotions as I have and it makes me feel less guilty but still guilty. I Strive not to be like my mum was with...