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  1. Vic10

    High rate attendance allowance

    Update as promised. So I decided to apply to upgrade to the higher rate. I am unable to seek help from an organisation like age uk as, although I sometimes am able to go out alone I can’t plan ahead so an appointment is out of the question. I completed the form, following all your advise...
  2. Vic10

    This relentless emotional Roller-coaster

    Oh, the feeling of impending doom! Even if some days it doesn’t happen
  3. Vic10

    No connection now

    Canary, you have been so supportive whenever I have posted, I thank you for that. Your OH and mine sound to be in a similar place (although no tablet for my OH). It’s a lonely place. Since going out isn’t an option any more I have started to make cakes, gives me something to occupy me (when I’m...
  4. Vic10

    When did it all start!

    Please share your concerns with your GP, if this behaviour is out of character he may well be able to help.
  5. Vic10


    Now that you mention it, I have also had to buy bigger trousers but it never crossed my mind it was the Risperidone! I know he is not eating more, less In fact because I have reduced portion size. But, of course, is burning no energy because as you say sleeps a lot and sits all day. So, yes...
  6. Vic10

    High rate attendance allowance

    Wow! That’s put a whole new light on the question. There is no way I would consider leaving him overnight. OK decision made, I will let you know how I get on. Thankyou
  7. Vic10

    High rate attendance allowance

    Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. It’s hard to know if applying for the higher rate is the right thing to do. Because I’m here all the time it’s impossible to imagine how my OH would get by if he was alone. I don’t think he would even go to bed let alone undress, dress, etc, etc!
  8. Vic10

    High rate attendance allowance

    Can anyone tell me, is this just based on assistance required at night? My OH currently gets the lower rate but other people I have spoken to are on the higher rate, just wondering given the challenges of looking after PWD at quite an advanced level?
  9. Vic10

    Happiness is....

    I have just had motion activated lights fitted in the en-suite. So now as soon as the door is opened the lights come on and shortly after the room is vacated they go off. The electrician just fitted a sensor to existing lights, took him aabout 30 minutes didn’t cost a lot. Works a treat!
  10. Vic10

    Just a little thing but so annoying

    No, nothing is safe! I can no longer leave my towel etc in the bathroom, it was getting used to wipe up wee then put back on the towel rail. Ugh!
  11. Vic10

    Feeling up beat

  12. Vic10

    A Hug

    And to you. Thank you. Let’s make sure our Christmas is as good as it can be for everyone.
  13. Vic10

    I've just ordered some flowers to be delivered to me

    Good for you, wish I had thought of that!! Happy Christmas
  14. Vic10

    Obsessions in ftd

    It was our GP who prescribed Risperidone for my OH, however, that meant he also did an urgent referral to the consultant at the memory clinic before it could be put on repeat prescription. The consultant praised our GP saying his decision for the medication was intuitive, the repeat prescription...
  15. Vic10

    Occasional outbursts of aggression

    Thinking of you. I remember my panicked post on here the day my OH was prescribed the medication asking just the same question. I know just how you feel. Take care.
  16. Vic10

    Occasional outbursts of aggression

    My OH was put on Risperidone at the end of January following a period of delusions and anger, (he has never been an angry person). I would suggest the medication started to work within a few days, however, it took probably 6 to 8 weeks to achieve its full potential, the delusions stopped quickly...
  17. Vic10

    Christmas Greetings

    Thank you Maryjoan. I also wish to thank everyone on here for your endless advise and encouragement, really couldn’t manage without you. Wishing you all the happiest Christmas!
  18. Vic10

    Bathroom lights

    Just wanted to share; My OH has difficulty finding the light switch at night and as we all know delays are not good when the toilet is required. Generally I’m awake and am able to put the light on, however, there are occasions when I fail to wake up. Excuse the pun.....I had a lightbulb moment...
  19. Vic10

    It's my birthday today......

    Oh bless him, his heart was in the right place. Happy Birthday!
  20. Vic10

    Trip to London gone wrong

    Oh, my heart goes out to you, so sorry your trip went wrong. Remember your daughter understands and loves you both, she won’t judge she is with you now and at Christmas because she chooses to be. Hope you all enjoy Christmas, whatever it brings, after all what is ‘normal’?