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    I can't bear to put my husband in a home

    After a couple more weeks it should become clearer that you've done the right thing, both for you and your husband. From the sound of it, you were close to breaking point (that's common, that's usually when someone is moved into care), and you can't look after him if you have a breakdown...
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    Mum went into a care home yesterday

    I've also never dreaded anything more than the day we moved Dad into care (he's been there 8 months now). As it turned out, the move can go much better than expected. I wrote a thread about it here:- It came as a...
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    Dad keeps losing his keys

    It sounds like your Mum is in denial. She does not appear to understand this disease, or be aware that as bad as it is now (having to deal with things being lost), it is going to get much, much, much worse. What will happen if/when he starts wandering at night and waking her up, will she blame...
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    Dad's move into care home

    Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. :) It seems I'm not the only one who found the move into care easier than expected. The staff at my Dad's care home seem to 'like' him, they often smile a little when talking to me or Mum about him. He's probably harder work than many of the...
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    Dad's move into care home

    We moved my Dad (Stage 6 AD) into a dementia facility three weeks ago. I got a lot of useful advice from this forum on how to make the move, so thought I'd post some information here that may be of interest to those dreading this day (moving a suffering dementia patient into care). Dad's...
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    Lack of sleep

    My Dad (AD) had a habit of night-time wandering, mainly this was due to anxiety. He'd wake up and not know where he was and need reassurance that all was OK. He'd wander around the house saying "Is anyone there? Is anyone there?" many times per night. He was beyond any understanding of clocks or...
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    Tropical island without sea, Sand and palm trees.

    Same problem in my parents' house. Dad is 80, has Alzheimers and feels cold if it's less than about 24 degrees. Mum is his carer and feels hot if it's over 21. A partial solution:- a) a heater behind Dad's sofa (in the gap between the sofa and the wall - be careful, make sure it's safe...
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    Popular sleep remedies and hayfever pills 'increase risk of Alzheimer's

    Yes, that's the one. Thanks for the repost (my post count needs to be over 10 before I can post links).
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    Popular sleep remedies and hayfever pills 'increase risk of Alzheimer's

    A follow-up article in the Guardian to this scare... You'll have to add another 'w' to the link and copy/paste it as I'm not allowed to post links here yet. If someone who is allowed to post links could re-post it, that would be appreciated. :)...
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    Should we remind mum she has Alzheimer's?

    The sad truth is it probably doesn't matter whether you remind her or not as she'll either not understand or soon forget. We never mentioned Alzheimers or dementia to my Dad for the first 5 years of his condition, but a few months ago he was officially diagnosed with AD. The geriatrician told...
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    The sadness never really goes away

    It's depressing reading threads like this. :( My Dad is nowhere near as far gone as most mentioned here, he's still pleasant and positive most of the time. Unpleasant dramas are infrequent. :) I dread what might be coming though. :( It's probably best for me not to think about it too much yet...
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    Should I tell my Dad he has 'dementia'?

    Many thanks to all who've replied here. :) I've read this thread 3 times now and am still absorbing some of the points made. Incidentally some of the coping techniques I'd already arrived at, e.g., instead of having a confrontation about something Dad did wrong, it's best to ignore it and go fix...
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    Should I tell my Dad he has 'dementia'?

    Hi, my first post here. :) My Dad has not been diagnosed with anything, and lives at home with my Mum. I moved back in with them last year (doesn't matter why, for some peace and quiet etc) but this will be temporary. Dad is late 70's, Mum is early 70's. Dad has been going 'downhill' for 3-4...