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    Hi everyone my precious dad recently passed away and I want to make a donation which is best to do the Alzheimers society or Alzheimers research I'm just not sure or should I donate to both in memory of Dad I made a donation to the resident in his memory so all his lovely friends can have some...
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    Care home costs

    Hi In my dads residential home with a dementia unit ( he has just recently passed away ) there was a lady who had dementia and was diabetic and district nurse came in to give her the injections dads home was not a nursing home so maybe your mum doesn't need nursing just residential with dementia...
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    very sad day.

    Well it was my precious dads funeral yesterday a very difficult day but I think I did my dad proud it was a lovely service 2 of my siblings didn't come another 1 came but just for the service and the other one came but made a comment to me that was hurtful he said at least you get your life back...
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    End of life

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts that really does help maybe when I have all the arrangements in place and dad is laid to rest I will be able to reflect and heal in time he has been my life for the last twelve years I miss him so much. I know so many of you are going through the same...
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    End of life

    Sadly on Friday the 7th my precious dad passed away it's all been to soon and I'm devastated as my previous post said he was taken of his Meds and put on morphine from 31st may he deteriorated over the week and had a syringe driver put in I was by his side all week trying to get him to drink and...
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    End of life

    Hi no he seemed ok even after the falls he had 2 he seemed fine paramedics checked his legs hips etc home also put a memory foam mattress on his bed but he kept sitting on the side of his bed then falling to the floor on his bottom so I told them to take it off and put his ordinary mattress on...
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    End of life

    Thank you so much for your replies and kind words it's torture thinking have I questioned enough is ther something else I could be doing the decision seems to have been made with out me but now he is just getting worse and is in terrible pain at times know one can say where the pain is my dad...
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    End of life

    In the space of a few days I've been told my dad is at the end of life all his Meds have been stopped by doctor and he only has morphine for pain relief. A week ago he was fine mobile enjoying his meals with fellow residents then Wednesday 29th they thought he had a urine infection and was in...
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    Moving dad to a different room

    Thank you all for your replies on my dads problem I really appreciate your thoughts and I feel much better I am going in to see the manager tomorrow and will say to go ahead with the flooring but I want him to stay in his room I know he probably would get used to another room but I can't bear to...
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    Moving dad to a different room

    Any advice please dad lives in a lovely care home I chose his room with lots to look at and I pay a top up for it. Dad has had a few accident in his room not so much accidents as he always knows when he needs the toilet just occasionally he forgets where the bathroom is and urinates in a certain...
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    Bowel problems

    Just been back on talking point and realised some had replied to my post thank you to everyone my dad is much better eating more now but he lost 2 and half stone he is still on 2 laxido daily plus senna at night which worries me I mentioned it to his GP but she said he was ok to take all this...
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    Dad's Cataract Operation Follow Up What Is The Point Of Me Accompanying Dad?

    My dad had both eyes done and he was fine he didn't understand the op consultant asked me did I think my dad would lie still while he had the op I said yes as long as you tell him to. The drops are a pain but well worth it my dad comments on how he can see colours he also can look at his books...
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    Why do some care homes destroy people’s dignity

    The same happened to my dad home said put pull up pants on him but he knows when he needs to go it's so frustrating he also just forgets where the toilet is so then has accidents then staff want him in pads it's a vicious circle.
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    Bowel problems

    Hi my dad has just had a short stay in hospital he had very low potassium and stomach pain his X-ray showed he had an impacted bowel they sorted his potassium levels out but sent him back to his home with laxido and senna. Has anyone any experience of this with their PWD and do they pick up...
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    No communication

    Thank you yes that's what I thought but there's been a few things I haven't been told about but different staff tell me different reasons so never really get a straight answer.
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    Clearing Mum's home

    Hi I also had to do the same in August it's difficult and heartbreaking It took me a month day after day I really feel for you but once it's done you feel better about it but I also didn't tell my dad I still haven't the first few weeks he asked me about his house but it got less and less now he...
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    No communication

    Hi my dad is in a care home been there since August what I wanted to now if anyone can help is should I expect to be informed if dad has a fall or has been put on more medication. My dad was given zopiclone sleeping tablets I knew nothing about this he then got up in the night and fell in the...
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    care home niggles

    My Dad never closes his room door he doesn't like it shut and residents do wander in but they usually just come in for a sit down on thier travels up and down I don't mind this and dad seems ok with it his clothes are always clean but never ironed think they get dried and folded up so his shirts...