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    A very easy end

    I haven't posted here for a long while. The site was an absolute lifesaver during some very dark days indeed a couple of years ago, but by the grace of God my mother sailed out of those waters and into much calmer ones. She was very weak, but fully recognised me, came twice a day to walk the...
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    Consultant refusing to carry out surgery

    May be worth adding some thoughts from experience here. My mother has had rectal prolapses for some 3 years now. They are (usually) not that difficult to put back in, and as a rule seem not be painful at all. The putting back in is a bit grim, but one just grits ones teeth and says "this is...
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    Helen and Alan

    I have become a sporadic visitor recently - but logged in just now. I've actually cried a little over the account of the last few days. But you have NOT let Alan down. He was at home, he had you, and he had the dog. I know the last may sound a little sentimental, but my God I know how...
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    We Dont Stand a Chance

    The other posts have said pretty well everything in the way of practical advice. Getting your MP involved might help, but my guess is that they will sympathetic but not want to override the collective weight of pro opinion. Worth a try, though? Otherwise, just to say all my sympathy in a...
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    Full Of Sorrow

    I SO feel for you. I think Jenniferpa is very much along the right lines, but I would counsel against just whipping her out without agreement - that way risks big potential problems. What I think you should be thinking about is getting an advocate (probably not the one supplied by the...
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    mum had another fall

    A couple of thoughts. By and large, I think upping the Zopiclone so that everyone gets a nights rest is sound thinking. My understanding is that it is a drug which is eliminated from the system quite quickly, so day-time wobbles should not be caused by it. However, it may well be the cause of...
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    Sidney refused to get out of the car !! Who can I call?

    All the ideas (with the exception of the tarp!!) are pretty sensible - nothing to add there. What I would add is that I know how terribly upsetting seeing someone you love just not seeing sense at all can be. All my sympathy - just work on keeping yourself calm and easy, rug him up with a...
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    help please.....zopiclone

    All sensible advice above - my sense is that a real problem is that the Zopiclone is simply not doing its job of giving yr mother (and father) a good nights rest. This may be due to de-sensitisation, and gradual withdrawal may be the answer (perhaps with other drugs added, either for the...
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    Crossing Thresholds

    This ain't going to do your tiles any good (!), but what about painting them in a dark non-slip paint - cheap, removes the colour transition and perhaps any fear of slipping on the smooth surface. To make it look nicer, you could put the paint on in a distressed pattern (marbling or...
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    UTI or forgotten how to go?

    We have a slightly similiar problem - my mother has days when she only passes a very small amount of urine for 24 hours or so, then the bladder clears quite easily. No real view from the medics - but it does seem that sometimes it's linked to mild constipation. Can't really see any ill...
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    Enough is enough

    Just to say I've been roughly where you are, and the lack of sleep is enough to drive one to breaking point. ALL my sympathy. Respite (at the least) may well be an option, but from my experience the quality of care in hospital was so bad that my stress levels actually rocketed as a result...
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    Mum had a Fall - Some Practical Advice Please

    I would go with the bendy straw - also try and give food with a high liquid content - ice cream for example. A couple of other ideas: For the short term, see if yr OT can rev up a wheeled commode - basically a wheelchair with a hole in the seat which you can wheel over the loo. Ask yr...
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    Update on my lovely Dad - John

    Prayer sent. However, (with tongue slightly in cheek) I am increasingly coming to the view that the Greeks had it right with a polytheistic view (many gods rather than one) on the basis that only a committee could make such a resounding ****-up of the affairs of this world!
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    Increasing fluids

    I remember reading that the body is also pretty good at absorbing fluid from food - so think soft fruit, soups, custards. Fizzy lemonade is the great favourite here!
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    Lost new carer

    I think all the other threads are bang on - especially pushing yr GP hard. A UTI does seem a likely cause. It may also be worth looking at some sort of anti-psychotic med to alleviate the sense of distress. More importantly, things were much the same here last year -it is very very hard to...
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    Haloperidol anyone?

    Two quick thoughts: Firstly, you sound wonderfully together and in command - no small achievement in the middle of such upsetting behaviour! Secondly, my (layman's) impression is that Haloperidol is a fairly old-fashioned, blunt instrument sort of thing. Newer anti-psychotics such as...
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    Family Placement Respite Scheme

    Now there's a username with good history! (cf my own!) It does sound a good idea - but I do see where you are coming from about letting go, and a change of scene. One can't help feeling that a carer coming to stay (just like dog or house sitting) might not be better. I suppose a first step...
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    Stair climber not suitable for trev

    In my humble, the OT is being a d***ed, belt-and-braces equipped jobsworth! People get injured on stairs the whole time despite having fully (or relatively) intact thought processes! Jenniferpa - I agree that converting downstairs would be a lot quicker, but I considered this for my ma and...
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    Stair climber not suitable for trev

    First, don't feel bad about not mastering the stair walker. They SOUND a brilliant bit of kit, but I tried one out and found it an utter pig to use (and I have done loads of playing around with engine cranes, machinery lifts, off-road forklifts and the like!) Second, Grade 2 listing shouldn't...
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    falling out of bed

    An impressive bit of kit, and I quite see your point Bruce. I'm sure there will be a good reason why not, but could one make it look more "normal" and inviting by lining 3 sides with a really lovely fabric - sort of four poster idea? Perhaps a sort of crewel-work for winter and and muslin for...