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    GP seems to be pushing dad to give the response he wants?!

    I had a situation which is similar to yours. My Mum has carers visit her at home but prompt her with leading questions into choices she would not normally have made. For example, once were were told she wanted fish fingers and the visitor were preparing some for her. My Mum has never eaten...
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    Seeking a night "clock" for Mum who can't tell the time in bed

    My Mum lives at home with me and she sleeps in her own room. She can't tell the time. Instead of waiting for the carers to visit, she sometimes gets up if it is bright outside and wanders around the house. Is there anything we can use instead of a "clock" to help her orient herself...
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    Help with the aggression

    It may be worth asking the doctor is there are any meds indicated in your case. Dementia can induce symptoms of hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, etc leading to aggressive defensive behaviours and these troublesome symptoms can be addressed by certain meds (such as amisulpride...
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    Direct Payments

    Income is a factor too. £1 a week income is converted to £250 savings although some forms of income are ignored. Now is the time to make reasonable purchases: new tv, home repairs, nicer kitchen, etc. Super-extravagent expenditure or unaccountable large cash donations may raise some...
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    HELP: need practical advice on getting a good care package from the council

    Can anyone point me to a site which offers practical information on how to get a good care package from the local council? We are in the middle of applying for a care package for my mum who has moderate to severe dementia and who wishes to remain in her own home with me there. I have Lasting...
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    Best way to maximise home care payments from council?

    Sorry if I have not been clear. My mum is currently undergoing an assessment by thr local authority's adult social services and that is what I am asking about. The Fairer Charging assessment that I mentioned will determine her contribution towards the "personal budget" she gets awarded (we...
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    Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out

    Sorry I have come to this thread late. CCGcrusher, you seem to have got a very good outcome. Can you say any more about what steps you used? I would be very interested and I am sure other too would be.
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    Best way to maximise home care payments from council?

    I am applying for council support for my mum so she can stay in her own house. She has quite advanced dementia. I have Lasting Power of Attorney. I'm posting this to ask for advice on how to maximise the funding from the council. The council has completed the first part of the assessment and...
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    Mum extremely angry I am preventing her holding her pension in cash in hand

    I really like that the idea of a lockable see-through box for my Mum. I don't think it will necessarily solve this particular problem but it may come in useful for several other situations. The one in your link looks a bit small but I see Amazon has some larger ones (although some of the...
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    Mum refuses to see GP

    My mum is a bit like yours. Long before she had dementia she would make seemingly irrational decisions about her medical care such as refusing to see a doctor. Of course, in those days we could not overrule her decision. However now that she has dementia and can not make decisions properly...
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    Stopping Memantine

    Starting and stopping meds like memantine can cause significant mental disruptions as I have seen. You are very right to mention they must be phased in and phased out. In my mum's particular case, the memory meds she tried did not prove particularly useful and their side effects were worse...
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    Mum extremely angry I am preventing her holding her pension in cash in hand

    I live with my Mum who has advanced Alzheimer's. I have lasting Power of Attorney shared with another person. My Mum can not manage her finances on her own. My Mum has had lifelong problems with emotional stability and has always been prone to frequent outbursts of anger. She is also...
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    Recording someone with dementia

    Recording a person with dementia can be pretty pointless as the person probably won't understand what you are showing them or, if they do, they may not accept the validity of what they're being shown. Of course, this is partly true of people without dementia too! However, as Cragmaid...
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    I have been diagnosed with dementia.Ialso have MS

    Dementia is a difficult diagnosis to accept. I was given the diagnosis by a specialist working-age dementia team and after many months of denial I started to come to terms with it. I was prescribed various dementia memory meds. A few years later I discovered I didn't have dementia but an...
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    Emergency visiting service -- does such a thing exist?

    What a shame. We really need something like this here. Maybe we will have to privately pay someone a retainer and they could show up quickly at times of sustained crisis to defuse the situation. The mental health team seem unable to signpost me to any local services which could help. They...
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    Emergency visiting service -- does such a thing exist?

    I live with my mother in her own house. Rather belatedly, we are in the process of getting a social services assessment which will hopefully provide her with more support. My mother's behaviour can be very challenging especially as she has a life long problem with anger and all her life has...
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    Room cameras at home

    I live with my mother who is 85 and has dementia. Her dementia comes on top of severe moods swings that have troubled her all her life. Dementia has made her bouts of extreme anger more frequent especially now that she gets frustrated at not remembering where she put something and this...
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    Decisions not covered by Lasting Power Of Attorney?

    One holder of the LPoA is not a member of the family. I am concerned, for example, that she will attach less importance to decisions which affect family matters and could estrange my mother from other members of the family. In this example, I am sure my mother would attach a lot of value to...
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    Decisions not covered by Lasting Power Of Attorney?

    Hello Jennifer. I am not asking from the point of view of someone drawing up a Lasting Power Of Attorney but from the point of view of one of the named persons. I have joint Lasting Power Of Attorney but anticipate some differences of opinion with the other person who may want to rely on the...
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    Decisions not covered by Lasting Power Of Attorney?

    Hello Kevin. I was asking about decisions that needed to be taken on behalf of someone with dementia but which do not fall into either the Financial or Health/Welfare Lasting Power Of Attorney.