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  1. patilo33

    Coming to terms with the loss of my Mum (97).

    Hi Marcelle, Having lost our mums at about the same time I feel that we are at the same stages in the 'after death'. My feelings are similar to yours. As i am attending a course at York college i would dearly love to meet up with you. That's if we don't cry buckets! If it is something that...
  2. patilo33

    Promising book on dementia prevention

    It does raise the question of...'Can i be doing anything different in my life that may help to stem any possible brain functions that will cause me to get dementia? I too, was a former carer, and have been looking into that. That's not to say that the scientifically proven answer is out there...
  3. patilo33

    Coming to terms with the loss of my Mum (97).

    Every journey after a mothers death is unique and personal. Your posts have helped me to make sense of my feelings Marcelle. What I have learnt is that nothing prepares you for the loss of your mother. I have recently lost my ex husband. We kept in touch regarding the children but were not...
  4. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    Thanks Marcell, Hope you're keeping your spirits up too.
  5. patilo33

    Textiles for those living with dementia

    Just outlining my experience with my mum. Personalising an item would have brought comfort to my mum. She liked red, she did a lot of cross stitch and had a Ukrainian background. All those could have been incorporated into an item. For mum, it would have been an apron as she always wore one...
  6. patilo33

    Dementia isn't catching

    i used to get so cross when friends from 50 odd years of my mums just shut her out of their lives when she went into the nursing home. You'r right, its like dementia is a disease to some people and they don't want to touch it. It would have meant so much to mum to have seen and spoken to them...
  7. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    Sorry... nothing done with the book, i have to regretfully report. singing....some progress. Made some efforts and saw how it went before replying. (Well, i didn't want Marcelle thinking I did nothing about my issues now, did I?) Sang.....went down like a brick...no soul, no depth. Sang...
  8. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    Its grey and bleak without music. Remembering that mum loved to sing I forced myself to sing in the house. Hearing a voice adds a companion in a lonely house. But the sudden realisation that my world had become grey without music from the time mum deteriorated and after her death surprised me...
  9. patilo33

    Lovely Ways to Remember

    Mum and her blue flowering hydrangeas where admired by all and sundry. And.... you've jolted my memory Marcelle....singing....mum would burst into song spontaneously. i can do that and remember her without tears.
  10. patilo33

    My dad has dementia.

    Hi Doris, Seems like a scary place that your in at the moment. But this is THE best place for advice, support and sharing. My bit is about the POA. My mum would never entertain anyone else looking after her money. When she lost capacity we had to go down the Court of Protection route. More...
  11. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    What a wonderful community here. So much love, care, compassion and support. IT'S THE BEST.
  12. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    Well, now that folk know about it I'd better get it started. No languishing on the coffee table. Found a map from 1852 of her birthplace in the Ukraine. (Facebook is a wonderful resource) Will start with that.
  13. patilo33

    Mum can stay where she is - questions to ask.

    Sounds good. Seem like caring staff. Yes, there's lots around. I've seen residents in care homes deteriorating, needing lots of care and continuing to live in the home. Compassion. Go with your gut instinct as to your mums future.
  14. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    i bought a lovely book today. One that I can use to write down memories of mum and include photos. It will be a momento for the children really. I have made a start. Each page will probably be tear stained.
  15. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    EEh..dear DeMartin...I have not had the strength or willpower to do anything for mum upto now. Tears flow too easily. And I berate myself for this lack. It's time to get my skates on and take action in many areas relating to mum. It sure is.
  16. patilo33

    Christmas came and went

    Christmas came and went. Mum isn't here now to see this new year. Memories spring up at the oddest time like the spring cowslip in a shady part of the garden reminding me of how mum had green fingers. Just stick a twig in and it would grow. The guilt is lessening but still some breast beating...
  17. patilo33

    First Christmas

    First Christmas without mum and the last few weeks have been hard. I made the kids aware a while ago that I would not be upto putting on a brave face and preferred to be on my own today. They understood. Spent a good few hours digging on the allotment. It did me the world of good. Mum was a...
  18. patilo33

    Going into care

    In recovery Well put Quilty. ' in recovery after a major trauma' was exactly how I felt. This could have been due to the stresses and strains leading upto the admission into a nursing home, but also the feeling that I'd let my mum down and how would she cope. Counselling helped me in the...