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    Our next expert Q&A will be on the topic of rare dementias. It will be hosted by Nikki and Seb from Rare Dementia Support. If you have any questions about rare dementias, they will be here to answer them on Tuesday 3 March between 3-4pm.

    You can either post your question >here< or email them to us at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk and we'll be happy to ask them on your behalf.

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    Hip fracture

    Thank you so much for your responses. Surgery went very well this morning and she has already had dinner and ice cream. She did sleep the whole time I was visiting tonight but I was expecting that with the anaesthetic and the fact she had been awake most of the previous night. Hopefully she will...
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    Hip fracture

    Mum fell out of bed on Monday night at her nursing home and fractured her hip. We are still waiting for surgery but hopefully it will happen tomorrow - she is now first on the list. She has actually been in good form and is looking surprisingly well and I think the bed rest and IV fluids/pain...
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    The Lighter Side Of Alzheimers

    I love this. Mum is still able to go fortnightly to a local hairdresser and finds it so relaxing they literally have to wake her after each wash and blow dry. She just has a wee doze while she is there.
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    Looking back and maybe helping others look forward

    What a lovely post Happycat. I wish I had known a lot of the things I now know back when mum was first diagnosed. But I have learned a lot along the way and it’s so helpful to hear advice like yours from people who have walked further along the road in a sense. One of the best pieces of advice I...
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    What to say...

    Hi, I asked the same question on Wednesday and I put mum (who has mid stage Alzheimers) into care on Thursday. Ours was an emergency respite until she goes into sheltered accommodation. But she has settled in that well and can’t look after her own personal care needs etc, we aren’t going to move...
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    Emergency respite query

    Hi guys, thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. I decided not to tell mum and play it by ear when we arrived. As it turned out the care home is a big house in the country with lovely views and full of flowers which mum loved. The manager and his staff could not have done more to help us...
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    Emergency respite query

    Hi Talking Point, I need some advice. Mum had been living on her own since her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s 2 years ago. She was assessed as a vulnerable adult (self neglect) in Nov and has been offered a place in sheltered accommodation which is due to open shortly. However this week things have...
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    Think my Mum has dementia..where to begin!

    Gosh this sounds so very familiar. Like you I became worried about mum after she developed similar symptoms to what you have described. In the end I made a GP appointment without her consent after discussing my concerns with him because she would never have done so herself. When I arrived to...
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    Thank you Thanks so much to everyone who has replied. I feel much better today, and am more of the mindset... right lets get on with whatever needs to be done. It's also lovely to know that other people understand how this feels. I have discovered an Alzheimer's information day near me next...
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    Hi, this is my first post. I think mum may have Alzheimer's. I began to worry about her two years ago when she forgot things like where her handbag/keys where etc. I spoke to her GP but tests came back at that time which said she was fine. I knew she wasn't and decided that if she genuinely had...