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    Just feel totally broken

    Hello Agzy I am just catching up with your thread. I am so sorry and sad to read you and Pauline have had to put up with such terrible behaviour from her sons. At least there was one apology but like you say they will take Pauline out when they are free. I think her sons are just seagulls. ( a...
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    And so it goes on...

    Thinking of you Grahamstown and your daughter at this sad time. My the memories of your wonderful husband give you some comfort to get you through the coming days. Big hug.
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    And so it goes on...

    You and your OH are in my thoughts Grahamstown. Sending a hug.
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    Why do family never listen or help ?

    Hello nae sporran. I am glad the seagulls analogy made you smile. It is hard sometimes to not let things get to you. I managed a day off for my birthday to meet my friend half way as we live at opposite ends of country. As my good sibling took a day off work, The seagull sat with Dad the night...
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    No connection now

    Canary , I am sorry to hear about the latest development with your OH. I hope today is a better day for you. Sending you a hug. Take care.
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    Dad died on Friday morning

    Sorry to hear your sad news about your wonderful Dad @Duggies-girl. Thinking of you and sending a hug.
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    Night terrors

    Thank you for sharing my heart goes out to you both. Thinking of you and Elaine and wishing you peace. My Dad has not long been diagnosed with LBD but thankfully at the moment has only had mild hallucinations.
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    Why do family never listen or help ?

    Hello nae sporran. I catch up with yours and other threads from time to time. I am sorry you are feeling low at the moment and having to put up with C's overbearing daughter. I don't look after a partner but i look after my Dad. There must be one overbearing selfish person in everyone's family...
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    How do we change the way NHS care for PWD in hospital?

    There are really interesting points raised on this thread. Picking up on some of the points raised by Louise7- it is important not to put down health changes in a PWD down to Dementia. I look after my Dad and over a year ago he had some poo incidents as well as wee incidents at night. He hadn't...
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    Bedtime is the problem, is there a way of getting a patient to go to bed at a reasonable time?

    Hello Old bill. I look after my Dad ( he is not early onset though) and getting him to bed has worsened over the last few weeks. I am lucky if i get him to bed before midnight. Last night it was 1 am. Then I heard some banging noises. He was fiddling with the bedside drawers and headboard for...
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    Letter of Authorisation

    I am glad you have sorted the authorization letter Canary. I was in a similar situation with Dad. Like Duggies-girl the GP used to ask Dad over the phone if Dad would give permission for the GP to speak to me which Dad had no problem with. Then one day the GP rang. I told the GP Dad was in bed...
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hello Banabarama as Linton has said, I hope you will have the support that you and your husband needs to bring him home and keep him comfortable.My thoughts are with you. Some flowers for you too.xx
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hello Banabarama I am so sorry to hear your husband has become more poorly all of a sudden. It must be such a worry for you. There are other sections on the forum where you may be able to find either advice or support of your situation. How is your husband today? My dad was taken poorly last...
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hello Linton thanks for your thoughts. Dad fell again but outside on Tuesday when I was at work. One of my neighbours rang me and said Dad had been found on the ground near another next door neighbours drive. They brought Dad in the house and administered first aid to a cut near to Dads eye...
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hi Linton I hope you've had a good day and your grandson was ok going to school today. Hope he has some support plus the family. It must be a worry for you. I've walked to the local post office a couple of times during Christmas and round the doors. I would normally walk further afield for a...
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hello Linton I hope your OH had a good birthday. The Alexa sounds a great idea.I think I need to listen to more music at home. Choir starts back tonight (Monday)It does make you forget about things when you sing. I've had a bad night with Dad and also on Saturday night when Dad went to bed at 2...
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hello Linton, thank you for your kind words. My heart goes out to you and all the other carers. I am glad you and your OH are having some peaceful times at the moment due to medication. Long may it continue. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to have an OH with LBD when you would be thinking...
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    New Lewy Body Dementia

    Hello Juliennatch my Dad had his diagnosis of LBD confirmed on 23 December as the consultant was unsure if it was AD with LBD or not. Dad had an MIBG scan. He has had some hallucinations which I would say are mild eg seeing children calling out for Tommy to help him when I was trying to get him...