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    Care home complaint

    I wonder if it would be good to contact the local safeguarding team as well? Certainly the medicines bit and the diet could result in harm to both your dad and potentially other residents too
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    weird/funny moments

    My mum brought my nan over to my house the other day (think she was at her wits end and wanted me to distract my nan for a bit). She was enamored with my house rabbits, but being the anti social blighters they are, they wouldn't come over to let her stroke them. So she declared we all needed to...
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    The dementia whirlwind

    Thanks Fullticket. It's a valid question and you do speak a lot of sense. I do it to give my mum a break. If I didn't, literally everything would fall on her. It doesn't make it fair or right. And I don't want her to feel that she can't talk to me about what's on her mind, but this is a bit of a...
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    The dementia whirlwind

    Hi all, sorry long post incoming, but I need to get it off my chest Since the last time I posted on here things have gone from bad to worse. My grandparents have never been fans of my dad and with dementia sapping away at my nan's inhibitions she's gotten more vocal about what she thinks of...
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    A snowballing memory in a PWD! How bad does it get?

    Hi MorryLou, we experienced this with my nan. She had a fall which broke her hip and she went straight into a care home from the hospital. When that happened she started telling people my dad was a criminal record. Then it escalated to my dad had been in prison, he was a gang leader, he was on...
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    God delusion

    I'm just wondering if this is your dad's 'explanation' for his difficulties caused by his condition? Some people do use negative language (my nan for example says she's useless and she's hopeless - this is her way of expressing that she can't do something) so I'm wondering if this is your dad's...
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    Freezer plug

    Can I suggest that you also paint the cover the same colour as the wall? This will further 'mask' it and make it less attractive. For example if you have a blue wall and a white socket, that stands out like a sore thumb to someone with dementia whereas if the socket is also blue it blends in...
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    Threatened by a call to Adult Protective Services

    @canary May I add that hospice in the UK doesn't necessarily mean end of life either. Yes it's what we predominantly work with, but we support anyone with a life limiting condition through symptom control and respite options. Some hospices in the UK have an Admiral Nurse to support with dementia...
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    Looking for new care home and already feeling despondent...

    Hi @looviloo a care home shouldn't have a constant smell of urine. If they do, it's a sign they aren't dealing with incontinence effectively. My advice for checking homes would be: - turn up unannounced. If they want you to stick to an appointment time, they might be putting on a performance...
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    So bizarre !

    Well done Ann! Hopefully you've well and truly put her in her place now. Who does this woman think she is?!
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    Its just his age and being stubborn!

    @Linbrusco can you get a second opinion? As karaokepete has said, not all doctors are well informed about dementia and if it is frontal lobe like you suspect it may not match the GP's expectation of how someone with a dementia can present. You also mention the police have been involved -...
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    Dementia and young children

    Hi @Bells7 and welcome to Talking Point There is a book called "When Grandma Came To Stay" aimed at young children to explain dementia. I don't have children myself so not sure how helpful it is, but the link is here: https://kids.alzheimersresearchuk.org/juniors/when-grandma-came-to-stay/...
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    So bizarre !

    Oh Ann this is just terrible!!! Poor MIL. I don't have any words of advice to offer you, but sending both you and Mr Mac warm hugs
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    So bizarre !

    Oh Ann! Words fail me!
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    The dementia whirlwind

    Yes very wise words canary More distressed phone calls from mum last night. Nan has now started telling the family members that mum's broken foot is not real and that she's plotting to put her in a home so mum can sell the house and have all her money. I'm sure this scenario will sound very...
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    So bizarre !

    Glad the withdrawal of meds is giving MIL some reprieve from the TD symptoms. Fingers crossed the HBM doesn't try to drag this out again over the 1:1. You've all been put through the mill enough over this. I burn through factor 50 suncream too, but it sounds like you did everything you could to...
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    Pros and cons of seeking a diagnosis

    Brain scans are not diagnostic by themselves. As maryjoan has pointed out, this is due to them just showing any changes in the brain, not dementia itself. Dementia is diagnosed based on functionality changes in the person with a brain scan to perhaps support that diagnosis or see which changes...
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    End of Life

    Hi Jorbin There's nothing to stop you from making your own advance care plan, you don't need to wait for the medical professionals to instigate a conversation with you. If I can, I'll try to message you directly with some examples, but essentially all it really needs to contain is what is...
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    Any experience with Butterfly Movement or Dementia Care Matters / David Sheard

    Hi Mary There's a report here: http://www.dementiacarematters.com/pdf/modern.pdf I went to a conference once with a guy there who was talking about the importance of activities in care homes. He got us to do an exercise where we had to write down things we do to feel calm: a place we go to, a...
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    Unable to use television remote

    Hi @Red marmalade do you think it would help if your step mum leaves the TV set up as she has been doing when she goes out, but gives your dad a dummy remote so he can't alter the settings? Or do you think that would upset him further?