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    Mum - will she pick up after bout of thrush?

    Hi Sorry I have only just seen your kind and helpful words. Mum has continued to eat better and quicker, so clearly her swallowing is much improved. I know it is best not to feed sugary foods, and we do try. But on the other hand it is also tempting as she does seem to enjoy them and as...
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    Mum - will she pick up after bout of thrush?

    Hi - A few weeks on and I can happily say that Mum has slowly picked up a bit. She is brighter and speaking a little more. Eating soft foods and drinking sips of her drinks to help her swallow. She is smiling more again and although feeding at mealtimes takes 1-2 hours, I feel that we...
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    Advice needed please!

    Hi Just wondering if she accepts that she has 'memory problems'? That is what we always spoke about with my Mum in the earlier days as she would not accept the 'Dementia' word being used about herself. Talking about her 'memory problems' was always much more acceptable and when I first...
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    Mum - will she pick up after bout of thrush?

    Thank you for your suggestions. Thought I'd update you on my Mum's situation now. She has been eating a little more, but takes more in the morning/lunchtime and not really interested at teatime. Yesterday, I was able to feed her a small bowl of soup, she would only take a spoonful of...
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    Mum - will she pick up after bout of thrush?

    Thank you! It is the first time I've really felt it could be the beginning of the end and it's been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. Visiting is so depressing now she isn't happy. I come away feeling my visit didn't help one bit. But have to tell myself that her knowing I am there...
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    Mum - will she pick up after bout of thrush?

    Big hello to everyone. I haven't been on the forum for a long time but have felt the need to return. My Mum has taken a big downturn (for her) - stopped speaking apart from odd word; not wanting to eat or drink; closing eyes most of the time; and just looking so unhappy for last few weeks...
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    Mums pension has been stopped !

    Yes Pension can be stopped! Hi This situation happened to my Mum a few years ago. I just happened to notice that £0 was paid in one month when Mum was still self funding in her Care Home. I also had informed DWP when she first moved in and assumed they would adjust everything on her...
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    mums bad toe

    Hi, My mum's bill for being seen by the chiropodist in her care home is £22.50!!! Best Wishes, Gill
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    My darling Mam s torment has at last gone...

    Dear Hinny, Sending my sincere condolences to you and your Dad. As you say, your darling Mam's torment is over now, so hopefully you will both also find some peace and remember the happier times. Take care. love Gill x
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    Care Home Fees and Annuities that are supposed to pay for them?

    Hi, I also looked at annuities, but they weren't suitable for my mum's circumstances as she wasn't going to have enough money from the sale of her house to pay for what they would charge. One of the members of staff I spoke to at that time actually said, "it's a pity she doesn't have cancer...
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    She wants to leave home

    Hi, Even though my mum is in a care home, I have come to realise that she is much better with one to one conversations too. On Xmas Eve - my birthday, and Christmas Day we had her round to my house where my husband and three daughters were all here. Then on the Monday following Christmas, my...
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    Daunting choices to make for 57yr old mother with dementia

    Hi, Reading this thread is extremely sad, but well done to all you families who are taking the time and care to find the best solution for your own mums/dads. I don't have specific advice for early onset sufferers as my mum is 80, but I can relate to the whole looking for the right care home...
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    tena lady or cheaper alternative

    Thank you, I will check about the Incontinence nurse and check out Asda and Superdrug own brands in the mean time. love Gill x
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    Hospital cuts and elderly neglect

    Hi, I'm so sorry you and your mum are having to go through this. It sounds terrifying. I am lucky that my mum has only had to spend one morning in A&E in a hospital - I dread the day if she ever has to be admitted for longer. It doesn't seem right to have to complain, but I think it is...
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    Spectacles- shall I order them?

    Hi, Just to give you a comparison:- This has also happened to my Mum recently in her Care Home. The care manager contacted me to say that they recommended she had reading glasses, that they would be named and would cost £35 - and it was private. I don't know how they were so...
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    tena lady or cheaper alternative

    Hi, Can I ask where you get the tena pants delivered 3 months at a time from - is that through the incontinence nurse? I have recently introduced Tena pants to my mum on the advice of her care manager as she was starting to put the pads down the toilet and obviously this causes problems...
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    SUSIESUE's David has Died

    I'm so sorry to hear that David has died. It has all been so sudden and quick. What a terrible shock for you all. David is at peace now - but it's so sad. Sending my sincere condolences and thinking of you all. lots of love Gill xx
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    News of cutbacks on radio this morning

    Do you think this might be to put the costs in line with what is charged for people who are self funding? I've no idea what the difference is - I've just heard that it happens. I am having to contact the LA in January about my own mum, so no doubt will find out what the LA will pay towards...
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    SUSIESUE's Update

    So sorry Sue. I only wish that David is comfortable and you are all looked after. Thinking of you. Lots of love Gill x
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    Hi Lisa, Lovely to hear from you and about your mum doing so well. She sounds a sweetie. Glad she is happy and you are still enjoying 'outings' with her. I always feel very touched when my mum is happy and singing! I usually have to fight the tears back if there is musical entertainment...