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    Our next expert Q&A will be on the topic of rare dementias. It will be hosted by Nikki and Seb from Rare Dementia Support. If you have any questions about rare dementias, they will be here to answer them on Tuesday 3 March between 3-4pm.

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  1. Varandas

    Have anyone else gained weight during their time as a carer?

    Hi Kazza, I have stopped buying snacks and sweets and there are plenty of apples and other fruits in the house. I get up in the middle of the night and since there are no chocolates a slice of toast with marmalade and a cup of tea will do the trick :confused: The other day I said the same...
  2. Varandas

    Have anyone else gained weight during their time as a carer?

    I am trying (very hard) however when dementia 'screams' I have to get back and just do it. Recently had two weeks break that was fantastic. Felt good, fit, happy, free, good food, lots of sunshine, laughter... but I came back to reality and am trying to find the WOW during the day! ps1.-...
  3. Varandas

    It's gone - someone's taken it!

    just enjoy the chocolate now... At least you'll know which one is your favorite
  4. Varandas

    dizzy spells - any advice appreciated

    maybe small meals at regular intervals. Every two hours a little something to eat and plenty to drink Is your Mom diabetic? On another note can be the general state of confusion and the 'feeling' of dizziness whenever trying to find her way around the house Have you checked her medication...
  5. Varandas

    complete dispare

    I am sorry Shirley... what a difficult time for you wishing you courage!
  6. Varandas

    It's gone - someone's taken it!

    "I haven't had any chocolate!" - you've one piece now in your mouth "No. Can I have chocolate please?" - Ok just another piece.... finished that... starting again...
  7. Varandas


    I wonder if in the rare moments of 'awareness' that's what she may be thinking and I dread to think that the realization is the beginning of the end... Very sad
  8. Varandas


    Thank you, very informative. Yes it was discussed with the GP and 'apparently' there are no signs of any other ailment or physical discomfort. There is no past history of complaints either. She enjoys good health despite this terrible AD. I have been looking after this lady for the past 3...
  9. Varandas


    I care for a Lady with AD there are occasion when she is calm - but somehow showing signs of anxiety, she's sitting down, or even in bed and she takes one of her hands to her head - as if she's having some headache. She's no longer able to express her feelings and the replies are all muddled...
  10. Varandas

    whiskery chins & pants in pockets (Spicel2014.blog find one thing to make you smile)

    rather me be called a 'stinking cow' than Mum becoming known as the 'whiskered woman of West Sussex'! every county has one! or more i put up with the same shouting and 'drama'.... and the angry face!
  11. Varandas

    why do friends do that?

    I work as a Live in carer for a lady with Alzheimer's (advanced stage) and years ago I decided not to say anything at all to my family and friends. It is my choice of career and I love it. That's enough for me. They don't want to hear the grisly details of (my) one day living with dementia...
  12. Varandas

    I need info on Risperidone

    May it long continue. best of luck peace and happiness for a long while. My mother was on Risperidone for a several years and it really helped her and the family as she was not having hallucinations of 'people' in the house and was somehow more 'agreeable'. It is terrible when reading the side...
  13. Varandas

    Moving house: the effect on the person with dementia and their carer

    Any move can be difficult and stressful. I work as a carer and the family decided to move their Mom from Europe to the UK. The move was smooth. The lady was away for respite (a week) whilst I 'fixed' the house. Lots of pictures, same furniture, same curtains and I tried to re-arrange the...
  14. Varandas

    Mimicking... please stop!

    thank you Susy. Yes I agree that it is due to stress and new faces on a daily basis. I have requested the Agency to send regular carers, however I was shocked with the reply that it would be 'discrimination'. For H&S I need another person when getting the lady up and in to shower. The...
  15. Varandas

    Mimicking... please stop!

    for the past two weeks I have noticed something different and ... not pleasant! I am the main carer for a Lady and am getting additional morning help to get the lady up, showered and dressed. The new behaviour is 'mimicking' whatever we say to her during the process of showering, and then after...
  16. Varandas

    Has anyone got experience of live in carers?

    Thank you love.dad.but.. please give credit to yourself for what you've done for your dad. Many others can't do half of it. I experienced AD first hand with my Mom and that gave me strength to try to help others. Wishing you all the very best
  17. Varandas

    care in the home

    the bother is sending different people every day. In one week I had 6 different carers??!! When I asked if we could have the same carer - I got a reply 'This is discrimination!!! Shocking. Just ask all the questions, should have a Care Plan - check it regularly. Good luck and I hope it...
  18. Varandas

    reply to the same question in a different way

    answering the same repetitive question with the same (short) answer helped me a lot. I could not think any more if trying to reply differently, because it was wearing me out trying to explain and to understand why they could not retain the reply. Just answer quietly and the same ton of voice...
  19. Varandas


    that is a good start looking at the care plan. It must be available to you. all the best
  20. Varandas

    Completely overwhelmed and fed up with caring!

    sorry that you are having a difficult time with your parents and your young family needs you too. You certainly are doing a great job. Like you I did not have a good relationship with my mother. I did everything I could have done for her only out of respect. You are right in saying that...