• Expert Q&A: Rare dementias - Tues 3 March, 3-4pm

    Our next expert Q&A will be on the topic of rare dementias. It will be hosted by Nikki and Seb from Rare Dementia Support. If you have any questions about rare dementias, they will be here to answer them on Tuesday 3 March between 3-4pm.

    You can either post your question >here< or email them to us at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk and we'll be happy to ask them on your behalf.

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    I frightened myself tonight because for a moment I really wanted to kill my Mum.

    The hardest part for anyone caring for someone with Dementia is acceptance that the person has changed from what you knew to someone that you sort of don't like. This isn't a physical illness that you can treat by putting a bandage on ...... and when my mum changed dramatically during the last 3...
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    Dad is losing so much weight

    This is such a strange disease and effects people so differently. My mum eats such a lot of food ( more than me), and constantly worries there isn't enough food in the house and yet has lost a stone since Christmas!! It has become an obsession at the moment in her life and even when the fridge...