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    When Death Is Near

    The end of life care in Mums nursing home was brilliant. Mum was literally at end of life for 7 days. We found the mouth swabs very useful as Mums mouth and tongue were very dry and flaky ( we used Blistex on her lips which were absolutely fine) . We did find the breathing exceptionally...
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    Richard has now gone

    Love and hugs xxxx
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    RIP mum

    I am so sorry, finally at peace. Our thoughts are with you all. Take care of yourself xx
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    Update -mum.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. My Mum had shingles and a chest infection in July, discharged from hospital to nursing home, back into hospital a Week later with dehydration and delirium, she had 2 further chest infections whilst in hospital, the consultant advised there was little...
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    Advice please... losing Dad as well now

    Can’t advise re the AA but I am so sorry to hear your sad news,, you’re having a terrible time,, Much love being sent to you xxx
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    can anyone offer advice?

    I’m sorry you’re going through this but it is most likely that this is a natural progression of the illness and the body prepares for death stopping eating and drinking, when the body shuts down there is a strange ‘smell’ which is again, at end stage of life, I described it as an acetone smell...
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    Reborn dolls

    Mum always took 2 toy rabbits to bed,, her baby doll was left on her chair to sleep. X if they get comfort from a cuddly toy, that’s good enough I think as long as they get some comfort,,, xxx
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    Pacemaker and end of life.

    My Mum was 92 and had a pacemaker fitted also. For the avoidance of any doubt it was made clear to me by numerous medical professionals that it didn’t keep mum alive at the end. They advised me it works with the heart muscles and by the time the end is near, the muscles wouldn’t respond to any...
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    Reborn dolls

    My Mum had dementia and in her earlier years worked with children and was a very caring , loving, nurturing lady. I was given a second hand ‘reborn’ doll which it was suggested my Mum would like. Can I just say, it was the most magical thing, Mum would sit with this baby doll, touching it’s...
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    First UTI in care home

    Your posts are sad but equally uplifting. Your love for your dad so very evident... The highs and lows of the rollercoaster of feelings is sadly all too common.....tiring, painful, draining, depressing but a path we’ve all taken and will take the journey with you and your Dad. All my love and...
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    Fading away

    It’s moments like that , that you will treasure in the months to come.. I remember watching David Attenborough with Mum before she became unconscious and a poor dung beetle rolling down a hill brought a smile to her face.. I saw that episode last week and thought about Mum,, you’ll always...
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    95K Care Home Fee's

    We’re in Scotland . The Local Authorities in Scotland pay the personal and nursing care costs which for our LA were £1150 per 4 weeks Mum paid £897 per week for accommodation/food. During her 3 years we paid £146,000 LA £53000. We Would have paid £209,000 if LA didn’t help. We didn’t get AA as...
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    Fading away

    You’re there for him... when he is most vulnerable... you can do no more than that... Lots of love to you at this difficult time.. HUgs
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    Ratio of carers to residents in care homes?

    I live in Scotland.. and had cause to lodge a complaint to the Care Inspectorate as the staff left my mum at ‘serious risk’...Which was upheld.. The CI said there is no such thing as ratio of residents to staff, it is 100percent down to the requirements of the residents at a given time.. If...
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    altzheimers patient struggling with grief

    I am so sorry for your loss... as others have said distraction is a Good option. In the Care home where my Mum was a couple of residents lost their partners and the staff often said that they were away to... Work... shopping, hairdressers, bookies, keep fit class, university.. the list of...
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    Sugar in her coffee

    ... My Mum always had a sweet tooth but it became 100 times worse after her diagnosis. So much so, she developed diabetes,,,
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    Hiya.. I didnt feel it was my responsibility... I just wanted to help .. she looked after me all my life in sickness and health,, she cleaned up after me when I was ill and it was just I felt I should have been helping her as she was choking, I felt inadequate... Thank you...... I will try to...
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    Thank you all so very much for taking the time to respond. I’m sorry that you all too have your memories and experiences which have been difficult for you all to cope with. As macabre as it sounds, I did google the death rattle prior to death so I had an idea. Sadly Mums was 100 times louder...
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    hi I lost my dear Mum 2 weeks ago. I am totally devastated and numb. I miss her so very much, I was very very lucky that Mum knew me right up till she became unconscious, I am so blessed as this is the cruellest of illnesses and not everyone has this luxury. She was 92 and had a long and happy...
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    Rollercoaster of emotions

    Thank you all xxxxxxxxxx