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    Vigil for my mother day 12

    Mum finally at peace at 11.00 am on Wednesday. She moved in with me and my family on 1st January 2006 and after 6 years and 25 days she has left for the last time.
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    Vigil for my mother day 12

    14 days without food and drink the past 14 days have been torture. everytime I go into her room I'm going in to check to see if she has passed away. She is now just skin and bones, why are we all being put thru this torture... Mum moved in with my family onthe 1st January 2006, i've...
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    To involve Social Services or not - advice please

    Hi Doe I've cared for my mother at home since January 2006, my mother is now almost at the end of her journey if not hours but certainly days away. She has not eaten or had fluids for 2 weeks. Mum has always been self funding so I have never involved social services. But mum has received...
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    Vigil for my mother day 12

    Wed 8th last time any food or drink Thrs 9th taken to hospital for tests to see if mums screams to eliminate any physical reasons for her screams. Tests and ex-rays all clear. Mum returns home. Friday 10th start morphene patches Monday 13th GP asks if everyone that needs to say goodbye has...
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    has anyone been in this position

    Sammie, 8 years ago we agressively treated my fathers who had parkinsons with medication. The experience of the last three months, and especially the last week of his life are still with me today. Since then I have been caring for my mother with vascular dementia at home. I discussed my...
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    Before posting this I have tried to see if there is already a post on this, but have not found one, so apolgies if there is. We have used crossroads for many years first because dad had parkinson, and now to support me with mum. Update:- Mum lives with me, bedriddeen, and requires 2 x...
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    my mother defies all logic

    Having become bed bound six months ago my mother defies all logic. Physically she looks as well as ever.. All the things I was warned about, eg higher risk of constipation, well we used to have to admister Movicol before, has not been required since. We spent a year before with her...
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    My Dear Mum!

    Have you considered having a keysafe fitted so that they could let themselves in (obviously all depending on how your mother would react to the carers letting themselves in).
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    It's getting bad

    Hi Bob606 My mother moved in with my husband and two teenage children three years ago, having used her money to convert our garage. The last three years have been a rollercoster, but with my husbands and family support and a sense of humour (at times at the most inappropriate times) my...
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    NHS continuing care and Attendance Allowance

    It NHS funding, mum is bed bound, so 1 hour am, 1/2 hour lunch time and evening, for washing and pad changing. I do the rest..
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    NHS continuing care and Attendance Allowance

    I have tried to look for the answer to this question but have failed so far.. Mum awarded continuing care at beginning of August,2 carers three times a day - is she still entitled to Attendance Allowance?
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    no longer asks to go home..

    The carer got her up as usual but she was concerned as mum was bent over so asked me to help. As I was supporting her from behind her legs just folded under her. We managed to get her up and back to bed, and she hasn't been out of it since. We have tried but she wasn't even able to sit on...
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    no longer asks to go home..

    Mum has lived with us for 3 years, and at times when I thought my husband couldn't take much more I would say "you know as she gets worse it will get easier for you" well that time has come, for 5 weeks now she has been bed bound, after a battle getting NHS funding, its now working well...
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    head down

    My mum would bend forward to more or lesser degree depending on what sort of day she was having, infact it made it difficult dressing, and after toileting, with me constantly saying "straighten up mum".. in mums case it was certainly part of the progression, withit getting worse leading up to...
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    tears that come when you least expect them

    Ithought and believed that I have done my grieving for my mother over the past year, so that every new challenge and hurdle I just tackled head on..and at times look forward to the day that it will all be over.. this week mum has had a dramatic down turn, is now not weight bearing and is...
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    How do TIAs show up?

    TIA's? Mum's diagnosis is also Vascular dementia. We seem to go in a cycle of her being quite well for a while, she then gets quite hyper, and we then get a dip where she gets more confused, slurred speach,sleeps more and drooping to one side.. eg Last sunday, totally verbal and...
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    Respite care at home

    Hi Cariad I am lucky as I have a wonderful carer that helps me with mum, and moves in to look after mum whilst I have a break....this we now have done twice and I am having 10 days away in august when she will move in.. There is an agency that specialises in what you are looking for but I...
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    Another UTI

    Hi Joanne After numerous UTI's and trips to hospital last year mum's GP put her on a low dosage long course of antibiotics, this did help for a while until mum started suffering from , a bright red, cracked sore tongue apparently a common side effect of long term use. I also want to say...
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    BBC 1 - Tuesday 20th May 2008 - 22:35PM - Mum and Me

    i am absolutely shocked at the level of negative feed back that the programme has received and especially the daughter and granddaughter. I don't these days very often even browse the forum what with mum's deteriorating condition and looking after her 24/7 I just don't have the energy...