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    Going into care

    do not regret it later I have not much to say because when you mentioned your husband going into care and in the same sentence your new business .........maybe people on here are being polite..... do not ask for help.. shout for will be surprised how fast it comes...keep him a...
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    His battle is over

    Bill thank you so much and I am so sorry for your loss, your wife would be very proud of you shining like a beacon and helping others like me..and thank you to each and every one of you for your kind words... this will be my last post .. the butterfly has flown (each and every loved one)...
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    His battle is over

    stay strong for mum I am a wreck at night but keep it together during the day ,and evening spent with mum... broke down big time when dad passed and at funeral but it made mum cry more, I dont want to put my grief on her, I want to support her, I want my dad before AD to give her a huge hug...
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    His battle is over

    dad passed away at 3.05am last tuesday (28 nov) at home with my mum and brother and sisters and me all holding him.... the long goodbye is an apt way to describe this vile disease, you think you are prepared but you are not. I never thought we would get to this point so soon and the shock...
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    Mum's started screaming

    home did you try caring for her at home? your mum? sounds unworkable on the outside but it is amazing how all around adapt and I still believe that they know their surroundings and familiar faces ...things that are lost through lack of 24hr contact
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    so familiar respite was taboo to mum ( dad with ad) and to us the better care is at home there is help out there if things are at the stage my dad is at.... you need your voice to be heard, the help will always wish it had came sooner
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    my dad

    some of you might remember me posting before... I thought an update was due (more for me than you..I am sure you all understand)... my dad is dying and hours and minutes now fly away too quick..he saw us all this morning and smiled and laughed with us in his own way and that made something that...
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    no comparrison I did not give birth to my parents (just incase you did not know this)... I care and support my two children and also help my mother care for my dad.... i get no monies from this.. my mum gets carers allowance...but if I was the sole carer for my dad I would expect financial...
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    is it time?

    my dad my last post sounded so harsh! My dad was the most kindest funniest and loving man, he worked long hours but when he was with us he was electric and full of mischief and above all he was our dad...our dad who used to embarress us when he skipped down the street when we were so cool aged...
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    is it time?

    Margarita and all My dad last saw an "ologist" in hospital in February this year...yesterday my mum was considering looking at care she got more incontinence pants and he was in a "loving mood"..meaning that today..when she locked the doors , that he would not try to shake them...
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    is it time?

    i can't My mum now thinks that his aggressiveness during the night is because she put him to bed early (as he wants to go) and maybe he wakes up alone in the evening and gets annoyed because she left him her new solution is going to bed early (maybe 6.30pm) to see if this helps...
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    is it time?

    He has not had an assessment yet because my mum hasn't and wont reach that point yet... i do not know the number for the emergency duty social worker and am unsure if my mum has it..I think not..what does the edsw do? any help would be great..thanks
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    is it time?

    denial adn siblings I have discussed greatly at lengths with my mum about care homes ...the pro's and cons... mostly the pro's... she thinks now that respite care for a week might help and again I tell her that it wont make him better .. it just gives her a week off...she tried to call the...
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    is it time?

    i know thank you i am so emotional now and always i t is affecting my marriage too, I cannot cope with him now either i have young children and I am just mum is getting ill bcause she does not want to put him in a home.. I think she is slowly coming to terms with it but she needs to...
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    is it time?

    Dad is now wetting all over the house, he fights with mum all night ( wont take the calming pill ) he is so erratic and gets lost in a small room, he has no idea now who we are and attacks mum with the foulest things, he has failed physically beyond belief..(can only crawl upstairs now on hand...
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    Is it too late for power of attorney?

    sounds familiar oh my god!! Jennifer, you replied to me earlier ,my mothers ,solicitor told her of the 7 year thing and recommended her transferring half of the house to her children and making us poa and now it turns out it could work the opposite way????!! My mum and dad have no assets, all...
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    Is it too late for power of attorney?

    home owners my mum carer for my dad.. tried through a solicitor to put their house in our names (children) , so the government could not steal everything if it came to the point that dad had to go into a home or mum got ill too... and also to keep her secure financially... but with AD you have...
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    hi first message..bad one

    sleeping he sleeps alot during the day...sooo tired when not in a mood... is this part of it?
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    New to tp - any one out there?

    hi jaffa new to this myself... my mum is 57 and cares for my dad 69.. he is in later stages of AD, she has not got a clue about the internet and I was worried about showing her this site because of the first message i posted on here, but i can bypass that and maybe she can seek comfort and...